We welcome participant created activities.

Let's Learn About Whales  Created by Mrs. Knox- Especially for our project!  Read about whales and take a quiz. Flash Player 6 is required to view this.  Click on the Flash Player icon and download the program for free! 

Who Am I?  Mrs. Silverman designed this riddle and matching activity for emergent readers on our project.

Whale Puzzler See if you know the parts of a whale's body with this puzzle by WhaleTimes.

Whale and Dolphin Games The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society have five interactive and educational games to choose from.

Whale Crossword Puzzle Mrs. Silverman designed this crossword puzzle for third and fourth graders.

Magdalena Bay DBQs Students can answer questions based on a document.  Their answers will be posted online.

Whale Watch DBQs More DBQs by Mrs. Silverman!

Match the Whale Fluke  Students will make believe they researchers as they examine  flukes of humpback whales.  This game is created by KidScience, produced by the Hawaii Department of Education and Pacific Resources for Education and Learning.

All About Whales Created by our project participant Mrs. McGowan

Name the Whale Another educational online activity created by Mrs. McGowan.

Whale Art Puzzles  Enjoy these online interactive puzzles created with art work by Mrs. Jacoby