Mrs. Cassidy's Reading Class
Norwood Elementary School
Port Jefferson Station, New York

Our Reading class read Rainbow Fish and the Big Blue Whale, written by Marcus Pfister. Prior to reading, we made predictions about the book:
 -The whale will eat the fish or take one of his scales.
 -They think the whale might be mean and eat the fish, but the whale just wants a friend.
 -The whale will sneak up on the fish and go in their cave.

After reading we collaboratively wrote a summary of the book:
One day there was a happy school of fish swimming and eating some krill. A big blue whale came along and wanted to share the krill with the fish, but the fish thought the whale wanted to eat them. The whale was upset and mad and started to circle the fish, but he was just trying to get them scared. He didn’t really want to hurt the fish. Rainbow Fish talked to the whale and they all decided to be friends.

Our class wrote extensions to the book, of what some of the things were that Rainbow Fish and the Big Blue Whale did together now that they are friends:

Rainbow Fish and the big blue whale stayed friends and now the whale will help the fish to be safe. They all played fish tag and the whale was it. They had so much fun. They got really hungry and thirsty so they had lots of krill and water for a picnic lunch. At night they had a slumber party. They watched movies and ate some popkrill. It was really salty!

Rainbow Fish and the Big Blue Whale went to the water park. They went on the swings and played on the slide. Then they met some dolphins. They shared some krill for lunch and then they all went home.

Rainbow Fish and the big blue whale had a party. They met a seahorse family and a killer whale. They all went swimming together and found a great cave. In the cave was a group of turtles. They even bumped into some dolphins. They all swam around and ate some krill. They had a very nice time together.

Rainbow Fish and the big blue whale found a big cave where there was a lot of krill and a lot of room! They played and played until the sun went down. When the sun was too bright the whale gave them shade by going under the was a great life...until the blue whale met a girl blue whale. Then they had a baby whale and all the fish taught him new games.

Rainbow Fish and the big blue whale were playing on the swing and then a bully shark came by. The shark said something bad to them. They cried really bad so all the fish had a plan for the bully. They circled around him and played, “Ring Around the Reef.” They realized that the shark wasn’t so mean after all. They became the best of friends.

When Rainbow Fish and the big blue whale were friends they all played together. A shark came by and asked to play with them. They all became great friends. All of a sudden, they got really itchy. So they used the coral reefs to scratch their back. It also cleaned all the dirt off them. They stayed friends forever.

© Patricia Knox, Linda Brandon & Susan Silverman - Whale Tales 2004