Ms. Goddard's Second Grade Class
Lincoln Elementary School
La Crescenta, California

Our class has been busy studying about whales. We have learned a lot about these wonderful and amazing creatures.

We began our study by listing all of the things we knew or thought we knew about whales. We read several books about whales. A few of them were Whales by Seymour Simon, and Whale Watch. We watched some videos about these amazing creatures. We watched a wonderful video called Giants of the Deep. Then we viewed the video called All About The Humpback Whale. This gave us lots of information about whales. Next we viewed the wonderful story called Let's Learn About Whales by Patricia Knox.

Then we were ready to show what we learned about whales. We began by writing poems about whales. Then we wrote either stories, information pieces about whales or we wrote letters to our friends about what we learned about whales. Finally we made triaramas about whales.

We had a wonderful time learning about whales and were sorry to see our study come to an end.

Big, huge, gigantic Swimming, eating, jumping and breaching
Wonderful whales.
by Mrs. Goddard's class

Have blowholes
Lurking in the ocean
So awesome!
By Ethan

Big, large
White, black gray
Jumping breaching, diving, playing
By Ashley T.

Krill, plankton, fish
Black, white, blue, and gray
By Katia


Once upon a time there was a whale. She lived in Mexico and traveled a lot with her mom. They would eat 84 tons of krill and water each day. Once she almost got hit by a propeller on a boat. She was four months old and weighed about a ton. She liked to jump out of the water and do back flips. One day while they were out swimming, her mother saw a shark! The shark came closer and closer. She decided to hide her baby before the shark came any closer. Then she slapped the shark with her tail. The shark fell to the bottom of the ocean. The baby came out of her hiding place. Then the mother whale and her baby went on their way. They lived happily ever after.
By Chelsea


Dear Jacob,
One day I went on a whale watch trip. I had fun looking at the whales. I think I saw five whales. On three of the whales I saw the blowhole on their backs. It was fun listening to the whales. Did you know whales are not fish? It seems like whales are acrobats.
Your friend, Elden

P.S. Write back soon.


Whales are totally awesome. Whales are mammals. That means that they are warm blooded. Warm blooded means that its temperature stays the same unless it has a fever. Cold blooded animal's blood rises and falls with the temperature. Whales can eat up to eight tons a day and gain sixteen thousand pounds! Inside a whale's mouth they have a lot ( and I mean a lot) of little things in their mouths called baleen. Baleen is used to catch food when they take in huge mouthfuls of water. Can you believe that a whale eats tiny krill? I think whales are really cool. Don't you?
By Ethan

© Patricia Knox, Linda Brandon & Susan Silverman - Whale Tales 2004