Mrs. Heatherly's First Grade Class
Mitchell Road Elementary

Greenville, South Carolina

Our class enjoyed learning more about whales. We started by reading several books about whales. We read: Humpback Goes North by Darice Bailer, Do Whales Have Belly Buttons? by Melvin and Gilda Berger, A Whale is Not a Fish and Other Animal Mix-ups by Melvin Berger, and Animals in the Wild Whale and Dolphin by Vincent Serventy. Our class then spent time at the Whale Tales Online Activities. We really enjoyed the many activities and learned a lot about whales. We loved the mystery ink page! The students learned many interesting facts about whales.

Here are some of the stories that our class wrote about whales:

By Steadman

The blue whale is the biggest whale of all. My favorite is the killer whale. Whales teeth are about 3 inches long. The baby blue whale is about 25 feet long. Whales are GREAT!

By Shelby

Whales have belly buttons. They feed their calves milk. Some whales have teeth and some don’t. The ones that don’t are called baleen whales. There are all kinds of whales. Their teeth are about 3 inches long.

By Katherine

Whales can stay under water for about 20 minutes to 2 hours. A whale breathes through its blowhole. The biggest whale is a blue whale. A humpback whale sings. My favorite whale is a killer whale. I love whales.

By Edwin

A whale is a mammal. They breathe through a blowhole. I love blue whales. A blue whale weighs about 25 elephants.

We also drew pictures of whales.

Avery labels her picture showing the blowhole, fins, tail, and teeth.

Janet’s picture is the whale breathing through its blowhole.

Auriel’s whale is swimming around some little fish.


© Patricia Knox, Linda Brandon & Susan Silverman - Whale Tales 2004