Ms. Ross's First Grade Class
Barrett Elementary Center
Cresco, Pennsylvania

Our class thoroughly enjoyed learning about whales for our Whale Tales project. We read both fiction and non fiction books, looked at photographs of whales, and discussed what we already knew about whales.

In our class we love to read, write, and do art projects. We combined these three activities to complete our projects for Whale Tales.

We followed the illustrating method of one of our favorite authors and illustrators, Eric Carle. We painted tissue paper, let it dry, and cut it into different pieces to create our whale pictures.

We've been writing stories for quite awhile on many different topics. We were happy to have whales for this story topic. Ms. Ross is our editor. After she edits our rough draft we use our best handwriting to copy our story for our final draft. For this story, we each typed our very own final draft on the computer. It was a lot of work, but it was worth it! We are proud of our finished product. Ms. Ross will hang our whale pictures and stories in the hall for all to enjoy. We hope you enjoy the samples we submitted for this project. We can't wait to explore all the finished projects on this site.

Whales Tales Stories
 written by Ms. Ross’s Class

I read a book about a whale. His name was Humphrey the lost whale. It was a cute book. Whales don’t have legs. They have flippers. Humphrey almost died. But I think about 20 big boats were trying to help him. There was a bridge with lots of pipes. Pretty soon he was home. Humphrey is a mammal. I think they eat fish. They live in the ocean. Whales are very gentle. I like whales. I like dolphins too. Dolphins have big smiles. Did you know that humpback whales can sing? I always knew that. I learned when I was 5 years old. I learned from Stanley. I love that show. Stanley is so cute. He talks all about animals. I love animals. They breathe air just like we do. They have blowholes. I might go whale watching. I cannot wait till I go.
by Shelby

One time there was a whale. His name is Herbert. He likes eating fish. He is cute. He lives in the bottom of the ocean. He likes to a lot and he likes swimming to the bottom of the ocean and back up. He loves using his tail. He is very smart. He is a blue whale. He is a fantastic whale. He dives a lot. He is a mammal.
by Kevin

I like Dolphins. They are nice. They are cute. I know why they are cute and I know why they are nice. Because they like doing nice things for people.
by Jenny

I want to see a humpback whale. I will ride him. It will be fun. I like it cause all of the little teeny tiny fish. Whales’ skin is smooth, not scaly. I forgot that when whales go up and try to jump off, it is fun.
by Arron

Whales are cool. Whales come in all different types. They are mammals. They are very big. Uh-oh my whale has a problem … there is a big storm and the whale got hit by the lightning! How will we get him better? I have an idea. We will put some stuff on him to make him better. That will make him better I hope.
by Carly

My whale has a broken blowhole. He is very hungry. He can’t find any food. He is In the middle of the ocean. A boat with a net is coming. He splashed around. The boat helped the whale. The whale is free. The whale found food. He got home. A shark chased him. He lost the shark. His blowhole got fixed. He had to go to the surface. He saw another whale. He lived a good life. The End.
by Alex

Once there was a baby whale, which always stayed with her mother. The baby’s name is Cutey, and Cute had a friend and it was a dophin. The dolphin’s name is Happy. Happy and Cutey’s mother and Cutey, they all each other all the time.

Happy stays with Cutey and Cutey’s mother, Happy travels with Cutey and with Cutey’s mother too. But they don’t really travel that much at all. When they do travel, Happy and Cutey play games haw they are on their way. The games they play are tag, but they don’t go far from Cutey’s mother. And hide and go seek, and still don’t go far from Cutey’s mother.

They have a lot of fun together, no matter what they are always together. They never have problems at all; they never get hurt at all. They only get a sore flipper, or a headache.

 Happy is in Cutey’s family. They never get apart if Happy gets sick then Cutey gets sick too. Happy and Cutey are best friends. They always have something to talk about; they would never trade friendship for anything at all. They eat the same food, they eat at the same time and they go to sleep at the same time. They even get up at the same time too. Cutey and Happy love each other. They never get lost, they only stick together. They give each other. And the presents that they give to each other are flowers and pictures. They always love the presents that they get!

If Cutey doesn’t go to school, then Happy doesn’t go to school. Sometimes when they go to school or come back they get a sore flipper. They get a sore flipper by swimming too much. And they can’t go to school because they can’t swim. When they don’t go to school they have a picnic.

They have a lot of fun, but they stay by their house. Cutey’s mother watches them. Cutey’s mom gets to have a picnic and it is yummy. They really enjoy it. Some of the food is fruit and vegetables. They really like them. The fruit and the vegetables are delicious.

 Also they read books at their picnic. They think it is cute! Happy and Cutey love school a lot. Happy and Cutey really love to read a lot. Every day before bed they read books. Their mom reads books to them before bed. Sometimes they laugh when a book is funny. Sometimes when a book is silly they will act silly.
by Taylor


© Patricia Knox, Linda Brandon & Susan Silverman - Whale Tales 2004