Ms. Stewart's Third Grade Class
Floyd Bennett School
Brooklyn, New York

During our class study of mammals, the students were surprised to discover that a whale is a mammal, not a fish! We continued to explore whales through fiction, non fiction, and internet resources, including those suggested in the Whale Tales Project. Our class was also studying literature genres. The children suggested that we integrate our knowledge of whales with writing and experiment with different forms of poetry and prose. We selected a folk tale, a cinquain, a quatrain, an acrostic, and a couplet for you to enjoy. We hope you like our work!

How The Whale Got Her Tail
 by Bianca

One day long ago a young whale awoke from sleep. Her name was Chameille. Chameille was sometimes very lazy. On her birthday, she acted like a lazy bum. All day she said "Come over here."

When it was time for her cake, she sat on the couch. Her mom said, "Chameille Jazmyn Hugzinbery, you get over here this instant!" Then her mom got real mad.

 She took Chameille outside. She said, "Big sky, blue sky, show dicipline to lazy people!" All of a sudden, the water shook. Chameille looked down. Her legs were growing closer and closer together. She pulled and pulled. Nothing worked. Finally, she gave up. She didn't have legs anymore. She covered her eyes for 1 minute. Then she opened her eyes. She looked down. She had a tail. She was shocked, terrified, scared and frightened. Her mother said, "Serves you right! I hope you learned your lesson: Never be lazy. Always help.

by Ajallade

Whales are very big and tall
 and their babies are hardly ever small.
They come in different shades and sizes,
 but the color black most of all.

Sometimes whales don't get along,
when they open their mouths to fight
It looks like they're singing a song
 but they're really about to bite.

Whales, Whales
by Tichina

Whales, whales, whales
With their little grey tails,
Into the ocean, out of the ocean
With their blowhose sprouting.
Swim by the fishes
With his meal that he wishes.


A Whale Cinquain
 by Jordan

Huge, long
Swimming, eating, breathing
 Come in many kinds


A Whale Acrostic
 by Charles

Whales swim with their children

Habitat is in deep costal waters

Animals that live in the sea that are mammals

Large whales weigh tons!

Eat plankton

Tails with black and white

Archaeoceti are ancient

Lakes don't have enough water for them

Even whales communicate!

Swim in pods or pairs


© Patricia Knox, Linda Brandon & Susan Silverman - Whale Tales 2004