Miss Taormina-Media Specialist
Boyle Road Elementary School
Port Jefferson Station, New York

In Mrs. Link's third grade class we studied about whales during library time and in our classroom. Then, working in groups we all participated in different whale themed activities. Below are some samples of our work. We enjoyed learning about whales and looking at all the other wonderful projects on the whale tales website.

Creative Writing

Over summer vacation I went whale watching out in Montauk, Long Island with my family. This is what I saw, heard, flet, touched and tasted.I saw whales, a blue whale and a right whale. I heard waves crashing against the boat. I felt rocking from side to side. I even got to touch a blue whale! I also tasted the sea water when the waves crashed so hard the water went in to the boat. That is what I did when I went whale watching.
by Nick S.

Acrostic Whale Poetry

W hales are endangered species.

H alf of them are left.

A bout 26,000 of them are remaining.

L arge gray whales

E xtinct whales will be gone forever.

S hallow water feeders.

By Brandon M.


Whale Research
by Despina

I have learned that some whales are endangered. Also there are serious threats to the North Atlantic Right Whales by the ship’s fishing gear. It’s distinctive characteristics include a strongly bowed jaw, absence of a dorsal fin, and squared off, paddle-like flippers.


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