Students will have a whale of a time
participating in this cross-curricular collaborative project.

Who: Students in grades K- 4 (ages 6 - 9)

What: Classes will read a book (see suggested booklist) as a springboard for an activity of their choice. The class may choose any project(s) to share on the project website. Some ideas:

  • Write & illustrate whale poems or stories.
  • Compare & contrast different kinds of whales using Kidspiration or Inspiration (or your own venn diagram).
  • Research and graph the different sizes of whales.
  • Create and photograph whale dioramas or mobiles.
  • Read about whales in folklore history and write your own folktale about an imaginary whale.
  • Learn about environmental damage to our oceans and how it effects marine life and specifically, whales. Brainstorm solutions and write to lawmakers with these suggestions.
  • Research threats to marine wildlife and whales and create posters to educate others. Photograph these for inclusion on the project site.

When: The project begins on February 15, 2004. Materials are due by Earth Day (April 22, 2004). The work will be published by April 30, 2004.

Where: Your learning experience can take place in the classroom, computer lab, media center, and even at home.

Why: Because it is an exciting topic and meets state and NETS standards. Even if oceans and marine life are not part of your curriculum, this project is a wonderful way to celebrate Earth Day.

How: Send your work to the project coordinators, Susan Silverman, Pattie Knox and Linda Brandon via e-mail to Include the following:

  • a short introduction to your work for others who may want to replicate what you have done
  • up to 10 graphics per class
  • your name, school, grade level, town, website URL if you have one

Have a look at your project coordinators having a bit of fun whale riding! Click on the whale.

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