Stone Fox

By John Gardiner

Miss  Stolzenberg's Class

P.S. 279

Brooklyn, New York

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In our story, "Stone Fox", little Willy's grandfather said,

". . . those who want to bad enough will."

The following is a few of our goals and how we will achieve them.


What I would like to do very much is be a pro at playing my flute. I will try and reach this goal by practicing my flute and keep taking lessons.

Janissia O.

I want to become an author. By writing and reading books I can accomplish this goal.

Molly L.

My goal is to get a good job. I can accomplish this by getting a good education.

Matthew W.

I want to learn how to do a back layout in gymnastics. I can learn how to do it by practicing hard with my coach.

Samara A.

The thing that I would like to do is to become an artist. I would achieve this dream by painting lots of pictures. This way I would become a professional artist and start my own business.

Allysha T.

The thing I would like to do is play the piano without looking. I'll achieve this by taking piano lessons everyday and then I'll get better.

Ashley W.

What I really want is to become a veterinarian. To achieve this I will take care of my pet to practice, and get good grades to get into college and take classes.

Natasha Z.


My goal is win the Lotto jackpot. I will accomplish this by getting lots of Lotto tickets.

Michael B.

When I grow up I want to be an author. I'll be able to do this by using my imagination to write.

Lital O.

I really want to become a doctor because I want to help sick and hurt people. I can get the job by studying hard.

Ashley O.

I want to achieve getting better grades on my report card by my dad's birthday because I want to surprise him. I can achieve this by being good.

Jonathan J.

I would like to be a wild life explorer because I'd like to discover a new kind of animal that I never knew existed. The way that I will achieve this goal is by going to an animal college.

Kevin J.