Geraldine's Big Snow

By Holly Keller

Ms. Wright's Class

Benjamin Banneker School

Kansas City, Missouri

Geraldine, an impatient little pig, wishes for the snow storm to hurry up and come so she can try her new sled. She eventually goes for a walk and watches the sky for snow. Characters along her walk are preparing for the big snow. Will the snow ever arrive? We enjoyed reading this story. We hope you'll read it. Let us know how you like Geraldine's Big Snow.

Introduction to Activity:

Geraldine's family has learned the storm will bring at least a foot of snow.

A foot of snow might come up to my...

Get a ruler and find out how deep.

We used rulers and searched for things in our room that measured about 1 foot. Here is our list. Try making your own list.

  • Hungry Caterpillar book by Eric Carle
  • picture frame
  • Darius's blue notebook
  • top of the overhead projector
  • Tiffany's Pooh-Bear purse
  • 1 floor tile
  • 17 Unifix Cubes
  • 15 bear counters
  • back of Byron's chair
  • Ms. Wright's little green trash can
  • Stephanie's planner
  • mailbox
  • microscope
  • Tyrannosaurus (model)
  • Diplodocus (model)
  • red construction paper
  • stuffed purple dragon
  • plastic ear of corn
  • zipper on Corey's Jacket
  • from Dominic's finger to his elbow
  • brown bear puppet
  • paper towel roll
  • IBM Printer
  • math game boxes


Letter to the Author

Dear Holly Keller,

I like this story a lot. My favorite character in the story is Geraldine, because she's waiting for the snow and then she falls asleep before it comes. I did that before.


Dear Holly Keller,

I really like when Geraldine went sledding on her sled. It looks like she's so little walking up the big hill. She looks like a little baby girl.


Dear Holly Keller,

How do you draw so neat? I like the part when it snowed in the night. It made Geraldine feel happy.


Dear Holly Keller,

I like your books because your books are funny. It was great when Geraldine was sledding down the hill. She coasted all the way down the hill. I bet she went again. I like the patterns on Geraldine's quilt and the stars on her pajamas. My favorite part is when Geraldine gets her sled and goes outside.


Dear Mrs. Keller,

I like your pictures, because they're wonderful. I like them very much. They make me happy and make me feel good.


Dear Holly Keller,

I like Geraldine's Big Snow. I like when Mrs. Wilson says, "Hello Geraldine." In the picture she had so many apples she dropped some.


Dear Holly Keller,

I like your pictures and I like the part when Geraldine took her sled on the top of the hill. They are the best.


Dear Holly Keller,

I like Mr. Peters. Mr. Peters sat in front of the fireplace and read.  Before he sat in front of the fireplace he went outside to the library and got some books to read. I like him because he wears glasses and likes to read. He could be a library teacher.


Dear Holly Keller,

I love your stories, because they are funny. When Mrs. Wilson baked all those apple pies was my favorite part. I wish I could go visit her.


Dear Holly Keller,

I like your story about Geraldine's big snow. It's in our book and I like it so much. When I get bigger I'll come visit you. We have found out where you live on the map.


Activity Introduction:

In the story the characters are preparing for the big snow. We had several bad weather days that caused school to be canceled. These are a few of the things students in our class did on those snowy days. What would you do?

I went over to my auntie's house with my sisters. I read, played games, watched t.v. and took a nap


I like the day that it snowed, because I got to make two snow turtles.  I made a giant one at my grandma's. I also made a tall boy snowman.  I tried to make a snow angel but my pants got wet.


ben2.gif (9910 bytes)

Me and my big brother had a snowball fight.


ben3.gif (9205 bytes)


I went to Bannister Mall to get new clothes


When school was out I played with my Nintendo 64. I played with my sister and my little brother. I went outside and played with my friends. We went to the club. Then I took a little nap for a little while. Then I rode my bike. Then we went to the park. Then I pumped the gas with my moma.


We had a big snow. When we didn't have school. I saw the big snow. I could hardly walk in the big snow. I like the snow


ben1.gif (11982 bytes)


I would play games all day, if we had a snowy day.


It was a big snowy day. I didn't have to go to school. I saw on the news my school was closed. I felt sad, but I had fun playing inside the house. I played with my Crazy Curl and curled the hair on five dolls.


ben4.gif (11006 bytes)

How to make a snowman

Take a little snowball roll it on the ground and snow will stick to it and it gets bigger. Then you make another one. It has to be medium. Stick it on the big one and push down real hard. Then you make a third one that's little and you stick it on the top. You need to put a carrot for a nose and rocks or coal for the eyes and mouth. Then take two long sticks and if they don't look like hands you break of pieces until they do. Stick them on your snowman's body and you're done.

Tyisha, Stephanie and Jayren

Activity: Another Version of the story

The whole class helped write this story and then we took turns performing it.


Geraldine came from her room wearing her bathing suit. She had her new alligator float around her waist. "I'm ready she said. "Where are you going," her mother asked. "I'm ready to go swimming, but the sun won't shine. I'm tired of all this rain!" "Tell me again what Papa heard on the the FOX 4 NEWS," Geraldine said. "Papa heard that the rain will stop soon and the skies will clear. By this afternoon it should be sunny and eighty-eight degrees," said Mama Geraldine watched out the window for a while. It just kept on raining. She decided the sun was never coming, so she went to the basement to play with her toys. She played house and made cookies for her baby dolls. She played so much she got tired and fell asleep. "Geraldine, get up here!" her mother yelled. Geraldine hurried up the stairs. "What is it?" Geraldine asked. Her mama said, "The sun is out!" "Yeah! Can we go to the pool now?" Geraldine asked. "Yes!" said her mama. Geraldine grabbed her new alligator float and went to the pool with her friends. She splashed and played the rest of the afternoon.