The Hat

By Jan Brett

Mrs. Silverman's Class

Clinton Avenue Elementary School

Pt. Jefferson Station, New York

Ashley gave the pony in the story a hat.

My name is Tony
I am a pony
Oh look at that!
I have a hat!
It is black.

Alyssa gave the dog a new hat.

My name is Hog.
I am a dog.
I have a hat.
And it is black.

New Endings To The Hat
Lisa saw that Hedgehog had the stocking on his head.  She tried to pull it out but the hedgehog's spikes were so strong that it was stuck.  But as he pushed himself in the den the stocking fell right off and Lisa carried it home.   When she was home all the animals had something to wear.  Lisa was in big trouble this time!  But she knew that she had to say  "Hasta La Vista Baby" to her clothes.   Good bye for now!
by  Andromachi
Hedgehog couldn't fit in the den with his hat on so he got some dynamite and blew a big hole to get in the den.   All the animals said, "Look!"  Then hat went flying.  All the animals tried to catch it.  They loved the hat a lot and thought that it was cool.
by  Kyle
Hedgie left the hat outside his den and a seagull took it and lived happily ever after but Hedgie did not.
hedge.jpg (11256 bytes)
Ending by Glenn
Illustration by Lauren
We got the instructions to draw hedgehogs at 
Jan Brett's Website
Hedgie's hat flew off his head and he went running for it and he couldn't find it.  Then he went for a walk.  Then he saw the animals with hats and they saw him without his hat.
by Michael
And then when Hedgie was all alone he got sad and was so, so very sad.  He was crying so, so hard.  Then he stopped and layed in the sun. and was happy again.  He went to find Lisa and asked her to help him take the stocking off his head.  He helped Lisa by pulling and Lisa pulled and tugged. Finally she got the hat off Hedgie.
by Lisa
Then a big wind blew.  Hedgie's hat came off and landed in Lisa's arms.  He went in his den and all the animals were wearing clothes except Hedgie.  Hedgie fell asleep in his den.
by Deanna

Five W's Poems

Who, What, When, Where, Why

A pony
Wore a hat
In Denmark
Because Hedgie was wearing a hat too!

by Kaitlin
A pig
Laughed at Hedgie
In the afternoon
By the barnyard
Because Hedgie was wearing a silly hat.

by Lauren
The pony
got an apple
during the day
at the park
because he liked apples.
by Christina E
A gander
went to find her babies
in the morning
in the barnyard
because she lost them.
by Alexis
wore a hat
in the afternoon
in the snow
because it got stuck on him.
by Brianna

A   Cat
Wore a stocking
At 10:00 P.M.
In Denmark
To keep him warm
by Brittany
A pig
ran away
at Denmark
he wanted to be a beauty queen.
by Mark

A gander
went to find her babies
at !0:00 A.M.
in the barnyard
because she lost them.
by Michael
A dog
wore a scarf
In the afternoon
In the barn
Because he wanted to copy Hedgie
by Richard L.
A Hen
Found a mitten
At 4:00 P.M.
On the roof
Because Santa left it there.
by Eric S.
wore a hat
in the afternoon
in Denmark
because he wanted to keep warm.
by Dana M.

A dog
made fun of Hedgie
in the afternoon
in a movie theater
just for fun.
by Eric C.

Letters To Author Jan Brett

Dear Jan Brett,
I llike the book "The Hat."  I like it because of the colors of the animals.  I like the illustrations.  My favorite part is when the dog laughed at Hedgie.
Dear Jan Brett,
I loved "The Hat."  The book made me laugh.  The illustrations were great.  I loved Hedgie.
Richie C.
Dear Jan Brett,
I love your storybooks very much.  "The Hat" is very good.  It was very funny.  I love your drawing very much.  My favorite part in the book is when all the animals were wearing clothes.
Dear Jan Brett,
I liked your story called "The Hat."  My favorite part was when Hedgie had that stocking on his head.  I like all your stories.  Thank you for writing them.
Dear Jan Brett,
I loved your story "The Hat."   It was so pretty. I like your drawings and illustrations.  I really like the part when all the animals dressed up.
Dear Jan Brett,
Your story "The Hat" is wonderful.  I like it.  It was cool.   the part I liked was when the pig had clothes on her.  That was so funny.   I was laughing.
Dear Jan Brett,
I liked your book because it was entertaining.  the illustrations were good.
I liked when all the animals were wearing hats.
Dear Jan Brett,
I loved your story "The Hat."  It was the best book I ever read.   Your illustrations are beautiful.  My favorite part is when all the animals took the clothes off the line.
From your fan,

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