The Wild Toboggan Ride

by Suzan Reid

Mrs. Augustine's Class

Greenwood Elementary School

Kennett Square, Pennsylvania


Mrs. Augustine's first grade students had a wonderful time celebrating "The Wild Toboggan Ride."   We hope you enjoy reading our own "wild toboggan rides!"  We worked very hard to create our own books!  In addition to the books, we worked as a cooperative group to create a GIANT toboggan with each student as a passenger (see our photograph!)

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It has been a wonderful afternoon of tobogganing, but it was now time to go home.  One of Mrs. Autustine's students started to pull the toboggan home when he/she slipped and fell onto the toboggan.   Bump!  OOMPH!  CRASH!  Down the hill it zoomed gathering speed as it went!  Before the students knew what was happening, he/she was zooming through Kennett Square!

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First, I stopped at Mrs. A's house.  "Hi!" I asked Mrs. A. if she could go in the toboggan!  Next, I slipped off.  Bump!   Oof!  Crash!  Oops!  Finally, I stopped at Mrs. A's house.   "Bye."  And I stopped at my house.

First, I ran into Parker.  Next, I ran into Matt.   Finally, Mrs. A. got on the toboggan.

First, Mrs. A. and Mr. A. were on the toboggan.  Bump!   Next, Kaitlynn was on the toboggan.  Finally, I got home.

First, I hit a tree and Ryan was in the tree.  He had to jump on the toboggan ride.  Next, Parker tripped into the wild toboggan ride.   Finally, we went to my house and had hot chocolate.

First, I ran into Chase.  He flipped over and he ran right to the toboggan.  Next, I hit Zack.  Bump!  Oomph!  Crash.   Finally, I flew home.

First, Mrs. A. fell on the toboggan!  Next, I was zooming through the ice and our classroom got on mom and dad.  Finally, we went to my house and had a big glass of hot chocolate!
Sean H.

First, I zoomed past Greenwood and picked up my class.   Next, I went to Johnathon's house.  Finally, we went to my house to drink hot chocolate.

First, I zoomed past Greenwood.  I picked up the whole school.  Next, there were so many people we stopped at Dairy Queen.  After that we had more energy.  Finally, we stopped at my house and we all had hot chocolate!

First, I picked up Mrs. A.  Next, I picked up my mom.   Finally, we went to my house.

First, I went to the playground.  Next, I went to a bigger street.  Finally, I crashed.

First, I slipped on the ice.  Then I crashed into the tree.  Next, in the crispy snow I was still going.  Finally, I stopped.

First, I bumped into Caitlyn and Chase.  Next, we all zoomed for Kennett Square.  Finally, we went home.

First, the toboggan went zooming through Spar Hill Farm.   Then, I saw my mom and Chris.  Bump!  Oomph!  Crash!  Next, my mom and Chris saw a deer.  Bump!  Oomph! Crash!  "Move it," said my mom.  Finally, we stopped.

First, I hit Mrs. A. and the other people.  Then we zoomed down the street.  Next, we stopped and went to my house.  Finally, we had hot chocolate.

First, my sister screamed!  I said, "It's fun."  Lisa and my mom landed on the toboggan!  Next, the toboggan landed at Courtney's house.   We sat by the fire.  Finally, we had hot chocolate!   We went to bed.

First, I went into Orchard Valley and Mrs. A. was shoveling the yard and Dad and I picked up Mrs. A.  Next, I went past the bakery and I caught a donut and ate the whole thing and it was chocolate.  Finally, Mrs. A. came back and we had donuts.

First, Mr. A. tripped on the toboggan!  Next, Mrs. A. tripped on the toboggan.  Finally, it stopped at home.  Then, my mom and dad all had hot chocolate!

First, I was going so fast I picked up Neal.  We zoomed very fast.  Next, we zoomed past my dad's work and got my white bird.  Finally, I went to my house and had hot chocolate!

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