Something Is Going To Happen

By Charlotte Zolotow

Ms. Velma Gunn's Class

Public School 83

Bronx, New York

In the book Something Is Going To Happen by Charlotte Zolotow a family wakes up knowing there has been a change. Even their dog knows Something Is Going To Happen. My class made up clues for people to guess what  happens. To find out if your guess is correct  READ the book!

Here Are The Clues:

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It was so cold. The newspaper said it was going to happen. At lunch the sky was very ugly. The clouds were gray. We wore hats and gloves too. My cheeks turned red and I shivered. I wished that I was near a fireplace.



It is cold.  The day is very cold. The sky is gray.  My nose is red.



The sky is full of it. People have coats on. Children are playing in it. Children make men with it. Children throw balls of it. People are walking to stores in it.


You wear hats and warm coats. You know it is going to happen because you  look in the sky. You can feel it in the sky. It is  so cold that it makes your nose red and your cheeks.


My father told me to wear longjohns.



I like making angels in it.


It is white.



My dad takes a shovel and digs it. I can slide on it. I rode down it on my sleigh. I go skiing on it.


It makes me want to play outside. It looks like big white cotton balls and when it hits the ground it is wet. It makes me happy to see it. I like to  play in it. I wish that it becomes ten  feet tall.


There was no green on the trees.



It was freezing cold outside. My Mom told me to bundle up. My baby cousin was wearing a coat and hat. My little sister had mittens, a hat, sweatpants, a big fat sweatshirt and a scarf. I was shivering. The sky was grayish white. You could not see the clouds. My Mom told me to take my gloves, hat and scarf. I wanted to wear a dress but Mom would not let me. My ears were freezing. My face was so cold that I felt like I was going to burst and cry.