Stone Fox

By John Gardiner

Mrs. Dillehay's Class

Heights Elementary School

Fort Meyers, Florida

Letters to Author John Gardiner

Dear John Reynolds Gardiner,
Why did Searchlight have to die at the end of the story?  It was a good story, but sad ending. What happened after the race?  How come Stone Fox never spoke to a white man?  Where did they bury Searchlight's body?

Dear John Reynolds Gardiner,
I really like the story that you wrote. That story is cool and nice.
Truly yours,
Dear John Reynolds Gardiner,
What made you write Stone Fox? How long did it take you to write it? What was your favorite part of the story?
Your reader,
Dear John Reynolds Gardiner,
Hi! I'm Bailey. How did you come up with the idea of Stone Fox? I thought it was a really good book. What is your best and favorite hobbies except for writing? How many books have you written? Do you know any other authors? Do you know Roald Dahl? How old were you when you started writing books? Do you like to illustrate?
Dear John Reynolds Gardiner,
I really like your book called Stone Fox. Little Willy is very brave. Why did Searchlight have to die? I was so sad I started to cry. I am happy that Stone Fox helped Little Willy. I am glad he did not hurt Little Willy. I thought Stone Fox was a good book.
Your friend,
Dear John Reynolds Gardiner,
I loved the book you made called Stone Fox. Was it fun making that book? How long did it take? I'm your fan. I love all your books. Where did you get the idea to make Stone Fox?
Your fan,
Dear John Reynolds Gardiner,
I like your book Stone Fox. I think it was interesting until Searchlight died. That was the sad part. I started to cry. Even my teacher started to cry. I really liked your story.
Dear John Reynolds Gardiner,
Hi! I'm Michelle. I read your book Stone Fox. It was good! I think you should write another chapter. Why did you make the dog died? It was sad.
Dear John Reynolds Gardiner,
Your book was great. Why did you write a sad ending and why was Clifford Snyder such a sad guy? My teacher said that when you describer Clifford's teeth that it was disgusting. But you were working on expanding sentences. She said that was really good describing, but it was disgusting.
Dear John Reynolds Gardiner,
I felt sad when Searchlight died, but the reast of the book was good. My teacher read it to the whole class. Your reader,
Dear John Reynolds Gardiner,
I like your story. My favorite part when Willy wins the race. The part I don't like is when Searchlight dies. It was very sad. She is a fast runner. She is cool.
Your friend,

Dear John Reynolds Gardiner,
I am a big fan of yours. I loved the book Stone Fox. It was sad when Searchlight died. Why did you make Searchlight die?
Your fan,

Dear John Reynolds Gardiner,
I loved Stone Fox. Are you going to write another book about Willy and his grandfather? If you are here are some ideas. You can write about Willy getting a puppy. It's your choice.
Your friend,

Chapter 11-The Next Chapter

Little Willy got his 500 dollars and went home although he was very sad. He and his grandfather decided to bury Searchlight. The next morning they got up early and brought Searchlight outside. Theywere about to dig a hole when they heard a tiny noise. It was coming from Searchlight! Suddenly he lifted his head!  He was alive!  They were so happy they had a party and they even invited Stone Fox.
By: Allie
After the race was over Searchlight was took to a doctor. He was taken and buried. Ten years later the grandfather had died. He was buried by Searchlight. Little Willy was alone. He was grown up now.
After the race Little Willy and Grandfather buried Searchlight and paid off their debts. But after some time Willy became ill and died from pneumonia. After that it was some time before Grandpa spoke a word to any one. As years passed he wasn't so sad anymore. Grandfather lived to be 98. He died June 24, 1981. Everyone still remembers that brave boy who beat Stone Fox that cold day in 1975.
By: Collin
Searchlight's body was kept in a coffin in the cabin that Willy lived in. Searchlight had a couple people came to his funeral, but not alot. Searchlight was buried in his fueral Willy and Stone Fox were the saddest. Grandpa was not alive Willy just dreamed it. Willy got home and he was very sad to know that Grandfather was gone dead.
By: Catherine
Then they put the poor dead dog in the city grave yard and went home and ate something. Then a dog came to the door and they let it in and it had pup's and they were happy.

By: Whitney

Then Willy buried Searchlight in the pet cemetary and got a new dog. And he named it Spots. Willy named him Spots becuase he has one big black spot on his nose. But their was only one problem he wasn't a racing dog.
By: Miranda

Me, Stone Fox, and Grandpa took Searchlight to Doc Smith, but Doc Smith couldn't do anything so me and Grandpa took Searchlight home. We gave Searchlight some medicine and then sudently his leg moved and then Granpa picked him up and looked at his eyes. They open and we had a party and Stone Fox was there.
By: Danny
New Endings
Little Willy was almost on the lead. They were not winning. They did not win the race. Little Willy could not win the race. Grandpa was not O.K.
By: Joey

Little Willy was sad that Searchlight died, but Stone Fox gave Little Willy one of his dogs. Little Willy named it Searchlight, but Little Willy and Grandpa move into a mansion.
By: A.J
Searchlight and me were off. We went very far in the lead. Stone Fox was dead last. In two hours Stone Fox was jumping from 9 to 7 to 5 to 3 to 2. At last it was him and me. I zipped across the lake. Stone Fox tried to follow, but he was too heavy. It cracked and he fell in. Little Willy across the finish line. While Stone Fox sat in a big, warm, comfy cabin with shame. And their was a bonus let's say 50 dollars.
By: Nicholas
Stone Fox won the race right before. Searchlight hit the finish light. Stone Fox hit it right before him and Searchlight did not die. He did not die we are happy.
By: Brittany
"Let's go faster," said Little Willy. We got to win the race Searchlight. Then Searchlight ran very fast as if he was going home. Stone Fox was 80 miles back. They were in the lead, but suddently he came up to a ice pound. He fell in even Searchlight fell in, Stone Fox quickly caught up, but it was too late so he was dead! Searchlight too! Grandpa was heartbroken and so was the mayor!
By: Alaina

My   Favorite Part

My favorite part of Stone Fox is when Stone Fox shot the gun. He said whoever crossed the finish line that he will shoot hisgun. Then he picked up Little Willy and let him win the race because he didn't want Little Willy to suffer like he did.
By: Daniel

My Favorite Part

It was sad when Searchlight died of a heart attack. Then he let Little Willy carry Searchlight across the finish line and said who ever crosses the finish line I'll shoot.
By: Sam

I like the part when they get the $500. But Searchlight dies, but they won the race. I was going to cry. That was nice of Stone Fox to let them win. I am glad that Grandpa was all right.
By: Sharain

Questions for Little Willy

Willy how does it feel to lose your dog?
How does it feel winning?
What are going to do now?
I am going to bury my dog.
By: Preston

Did it hurt when you got hit in the eye right away?
Yes it did hurt right away.
Was it scary when Clifford Snyder came?
Yes it was scary when he came.
Was it hard feeding your Grandfather food and water?
Yes it was.
How happy were you when you won the race?
Very, very happy.
Did you like being in the race?
Yes I did.
By: Chris

Letter to Willy

Dear Willy,
It must of been sad that your dog died. Your won with her. She was a good dog. I'm sorry that she died. We felt sad that she died.
Your friend,

Letter to Searchlight


Dear Searchlight,
I'm sorry you died. You did good in the race. But you still won the 500 dollars. They all were sad that you died. So was our class.You almost finished.

Letter to Stone Fox

 Dear Stone Fox,
I like what you did for Willy when Searchlight died. Why did you have a gun? Why did you stay behind? I don't understand why you let Willy win the race.