The Mitten

By Alvin Tresselt

Mrs. Akins' Class

St. Hubert Elementary School

Calgary Alberta Canada

Our class read two versions of the story " The Mitten" . We enjoyed both versions and have done a variety of work using both stories.  Our first work was to read and discuss the stories while doing written assignments on understanding the stories.  Then the fun began.  We then put ourselves into small groups and acted out the different versions while doing our own adapting.  We also sewed our very own mittens out of felt .  Some of us have even begun sewing animals for the mittens. Our next step was to design our own mitten and write a descriptive paragraph about our mitten.  This was then written on a separate mitten. We made a bulletin board that said " Can you find my mitten?"  We played the game and tried to match the descriptions with the mittens. It was fun.   The picture included shows our bulletin board, our mittens and us.

melina.jpg (27129 bytes)

Comments from Us:

I like the part of the story when the bear tried to fit in the Old Man’s Mitten   
Jordan T.

I like the funny names for the animals. ( Hop Stop the Frog, Fleet Feet the Rabbit, Black Back the Bear, Crunch Munch the Mouse, Red Head the Fox
Joanna, Kevin, Kayla, Dria and Antonio.

I like the part when the rabbit went in and made them move over and it got squishy.
Matthew R

I liked when the animals got to live happily in the mitten.

I like when the author always repeated " after a time:" before each animal.

I like when the mouse tickled the bears nose and he sneezed.

I like when the fox came in and showed the animals his teeth.

I liked when Owl came in with a sleep head face . That was funny.

I like when Nikki goes to his Grandma and says " I want snow white mittens."

I liked when the animals always had to move over and when the animals
noticed the sharp teeth.

I liked listening to the story on tape. Samantha and I enjoyed the acting out in Drama of the stories.  We read it in different books too.

Sewing the mittens was fun.
Matthew M, Julia

I liked making up names for the animals.
Matthew R, Eric

Making our own colored mittens and descriptions was fun. So was matching them in the game.