The Wild Toboggan Ride

By Suzan Reid

Mrs. Jones' Class

Perry Elementary School

Perry, Oklahoma

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New Endings To The Wild Toboggan Ride

 They crashed into a snow bank. Nicki went flying and landed on a house.
The Mail Carrier went flying and landed in the pond.
by Joren 
They crashed into a snow bank. Nicki went flying and landed on a house.
The Mail Carrier went flying and landed in the pond.
by Joren 
 They crashed in the snow, BOOM! They all went flying along with tools and nails and screws. "Where are you? Did you land in the snow? Why are you in the tree?""Everybody hold on?" yelled Grandpa Dan. "Yahoo!" cried Nicki.
by Stephanie
 They crashed into the snow bank and then the Mayor walked up to Nicki and said that he would give her a medal because he saw them going down the street and he thought it looked fun. Then they all went up the hill to try to fit the Mayor on the toboggan this time.
by Raven 
They crashed into the snow bank and Nicki’s friend Tosha came and helped Nicki out of the big pile of snow. "What were you doing in that big pile of snow?" Tosha asked."When I asked for one more ride on the long toboggan, Grandpa Dan pushed me and he stepped on his extra long He landed behind me and then we banged into a lot of people." said Nicki. "That sounds fun! said Tosha, Can we go again?" "Sure!" said Nicki. "Oh fikkle wikkle stixs" said Grandpa Dan.
by Kayla
 They all crashed into the basketball gym The police officer landed in the gully. The mail carrier landed in somebody’s shirt. The hockey player landed on a puppy. After that they all went home to have a break
by Derrick

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Book Reviews

My favorite part is where they crash and fly out of the toboggan.
by T.J

I liked it when the police chief and the mail carrier and the hockey player landed in the garbage can.
by Raven
I liked it when the policeman and the hockey player fell in the trash can.
by Justin

I like all of the book because it’s funny and it’s good.
by Derrick
What I like best about the story is when Grandpa Dan slipped on his scarf and they went sliding down.
by Joren
I liked when the hockey player screamed, Penalty!"
by Jesse
 I liked the whole book because it was exciting and funny.
by Mitchell

 I liked the end because it was funny when Grandpa Dan said, "If we hurry we can get in one more ride before dark!"
by Kayla

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 I like the whole book because it was so funny
when Grandpa tripped over his scarf and when they ran into the people and crashed.
by Lexie

 I liked when the hockey player said, "Interference!"
by Christopher 

A New Version of The Wild Toboggan Ride

There was a girl.   She never rode in a toboggan before She said, "Dad, my friends go to the hill and ride toboggans. They said it’s fun. Why can’t we try?" "It’s not fun, said Dad.  They are just saying that. You might get hurt." "Please Dad!  I’ll be good," she said. "Okay, we will try," said Dad. "Let’s go get to the truck." It’s going to be fun!" she said. "We don’t want to waste time." "This is fun, Dad. Watch out for that tree!" she said. "Ouch!" they both said "That was fun! Let’s go back and ride one more time, Dad, Okay?"
The End

By Derrick C

I went sledding in the snow one day and suddenly! I started down the hill and went through a snowman, still going down the hill gaining speed. Bump! I crashed! I’m going to do that tomorrow!
By Raven Z.

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Character Interviews

Interviewer:   What happened to you?

Hockey Player:  I landed on the Mail Carrier and then I fell into the garbage can.

Interviewer:  How did it feel?

Hockey Player: It hurt!

 Interviewer:  Where did this happen?

Hockey Player: I was playing hockey on that frozen pond. 

Interviewer:  When did it happen?

Hockey Player: Just a while ago as I was getting ready to make a goal.

 Interviewer:  Why did you go again?
Hockey Player: It was fun!

by Michael

 Interviewer: What happened?

Mail Carrier: Well, I was doing my usual route and then I got bumped and landed on the police chief and I was on a toboggan. After a while, I was in a garbage can.
Interviewer:  How did you feel?

Mail Carrier:  I felt like I flipped!
Interviewer: Where did this happen?

Mail Carrier: I was on Cedar Street delivering a box to the Haller place. 

Interviewer: When did this happen?

Mail Carrier: Just this evening.

 Interviewer:  Why do you think this happened?

Mail Carrier: Obviously I was not paying attention.

by Raven
 Interviewer: What happened to you?

Nicki: I wanted to get one more push and then Grandpa Dan fell on the toboggan.  We went down the hill and we crashed into the barber, the baker, the police chief, the mail carrier, and the hockey player. 
Interviewer: How did it feel when you crashed into the snow?

Nicki: It kind of hurt. Well, I guess it didn’t hurt, but it was cold. 

Interviewer: Where did this happen?

Nicki: I was high up on the hill and then we went down.

 Interviewer: When did this happen?

Nicki: It was two days after Christmas at about 6:00 at night.

 Interviewer: Why did you want to go again?
Nicki: Because it was so much fun! I didn’t want to stop!

by Kayla
Interviewer: What happened?

The Baker: I was delivering a cake to this man, then the next minute I got hit.
Interviewer: How did you feel?

The Baker: Very, very bad.

 Interviewer: Where did it happen?

The Baker: On Grove Street.
Interviewer: When did it happen?

The Baker: On Christmas Eve.
Interviewer: Why are you going up the hill?

The Baker: I liked it so much I wanted to go again.

By Christopher
Interviewer: What happened to you?

Grandpa Dan: I tripped over my scarf.
Interviewer: How did it feel?

Grandpa Dan: It felt cold!
Interviewer: Where did it happen?

Grandpa Dan: I was at the top of the hill when I tripped.
Interviewer: When did it happen?

Grandpa Dan: Sometime in the afternoon.
Interviewer: Why did you want to go again?

Grandpa Dan: I like going fast!

by Esber
 Interviewer:   What happened?

Police Chief:  Walking home from work, I got bumped and landed on the barber then I landed in the trash.
Interviewer:  Where did happen?

Police Chief:  It happened downtown while I was walking home.
Interviewer:  When did this happen?

Police Chief:  This afternoon.
Interviewer:  How did you feel on the ride?

Police Chief:  It was fun!

Interviewer:  What was fun about it?

Police Chief:  I was squashed!

by Mitchell

 Another good book by Suzan Reid
Illustrated by Linda Hendry Toronto, Scholastic

 The vegetarian Brontos live in domestic bliss with the neighboring Iggys and Steggys, having pool parties and chatting over the fence, until the vacant housenext door is sold to a family of (Tyrannosaurus) Rexes. The whole neighborhood isaghast and the fearful residents lock themselves in their basements. When Mrs. Bronto surfaces to search for ferns, she finds an invitation to dinner from the Rexes. Believing it to be a summons to their own demise, they are insulted and freshly fearful, and it is not until the day arrives and they smell the unfamiliar aroma of steaks on the barbecue that they realize their fears are groundless, and the invitation genuine. The final few pages showall the dinosaurs cozily co-existing in sunny suburbia.