The Mitten

retold by Jan Brett

Mrs. Ward's Speech/Language Class Grades 1-3

Perry School

Perry, Ohio

Mitten Activities by Mrs. Ward’s Classes

January 1998

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In the story, The Mitten, by Jan Brett, Nicky loses his snow white
mittens because they are just "as white as the snow!"

In our class,

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Andrew’s mittens are as
colorful as a rainbow.
Cody’s mittens are as black as the night.
Dustin’s mittens are as black as a lump of coal.
Buddy’s mittens are as brown as a reindeer.
Cody’s mittens are as red as an apple.
Michelle’s mittens are as white as the clouds.
Kyle’s mittens are as red as a rose.
Danielle’s mittens are as   colorful as a rainbow.

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David’s mittens are as black as midnight.
John’s mittens are as black and white as a cow.

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Miranda’s mittens are as red as a rose.
Marcus’ mittens are as purple as a popsicle.
Austin’s mittens are as blue as the sky.
Brian’s mittens are as green as a turtle.

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Rachael’s mittens are as pink as a flamingo.
Mrs. Ward’s mittens are as green as the grass.
Mrs. Yankie’s mittens are as blue as Austin’s eyes.
Carrie’s mittens are as pink as a flamingo.

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The Mitten of Perry, Ohio

Read our 1998 version of THE MITTEN as if it happened in Perry, Ohio. We used animals that we see in our Perry backyard. We have a green mitten because there is no snow right now.

Kevin wanted new green, camouflaged mittens for his birthday because it was getting colder outside. His dad asked him if he wanted to go the bank and the store with him.

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When they got into the car his Dad surprised Kevin by saying that they were going to K-Mart to buy him his new green, camouflaged mittens for his birthday, January 18th.

So they went to the Super K-Mart in Mentor to buy the new mittens.

Kevin loved his new mittens and decided to go into the backyard as soon as they got home to climb his favorite tree.

While climbing the tree, Kevin hears his mom calling him to come in and celebrate his birthday. He hurries down the tree, without noticing that one of his green, camouflaged mittens gets caught on a branch.

A squirrel has been watching Kevin and sees the mitten stuck in the tree. The squirrel knocks it down onto the grass and snuggles into the mitten.

When Kevin went up to his room to put away his mittens, he noticed that one was missing, so he looked out his window, but could not see the mitten.

The mitten was as green as the grass.

Meanwhile the squirrel was snuggled warm in Kevin’s mitten when a gray rabbit hopped up with flapping ears and pushed his way into the green mitten.

A crow flying by sees some commotion on the ground and swoops down to find the squirrel and the rabbit in the warm mitten. He decides to go in. They let him in because they saw his big ,black beak.

Also watching from a tree nearby, a cardinal sees lots of movement going on in the mitten. The cardinal circles the mitten and flies down, the other animals let him in because the color red in an animal means danger.

A black and white skunk comes out from under Kevin’s shed and sees the plumped up, fat mitten. It is windy and cold outside and starting to rain, so the the skunk decides to join the animals in the mitten. They let him him so he won’t spray them.

A raccoon hiding in a tree sees the mitten from his home and all the animals inside, so he decides to join them. He climbs down the tree and walks to the mitten. The animals let him in because they see his big sharp teeth and his black mask.

The green, camouflaged mittens is getting bigger and bigger by the second. The animals are squished together and are getting warmer and warmer.

Then a deer eating leftover vegetable in Kevin’s garden, sees the huge green, camouflaged mittens and decides to go in because it is raining harder and thundering and he is scared. People have cut down many of the trees he uses for shelter. They let him in because of his big, sharp antlers.

A chipmunk living in the bottom of a tree, scampers over to see the mitten because he is cold and his home is filled with dirt from Kevin’s little brother, Ryan. The chipmunk sat on the deer’s nose to crack a nut, but the deer started shaking his antlers until all the animals flew out of the green camouflaged mittens.

Then the deer went back to the woods, the cardinal went back to his tree, the gray rabbit went into a hole in the ground, the crow went back to the cornfield, the squirrel went back up the tree, the raccoon when into its hole in the tree, the skunk went back under Kevin’s shed, and the chipmunk made a new hole in the dirt.

A blackbird flying by with good vision swooped down and picked up the green camouflaged mittens with his beak. After cawing he dropped it by Kevin’s shed.

The next day while Kevin was raking leaves by the shed, he found his green camouflaged mittens in the pile of leaves. He took it to his MOM, but the mitten was stretched out of size and had antler holes in it. So his mom stuck it in the washer and put it in the dryer to shrink the mitten. She sewed the holes. Kevin never knew what happened to his green camouflaged mittens, but he was glad to get it back!

This story was written by Josh J., Matt. P, Ryan M., Tim W., Matthew S. and Cory P. in Mrs. Ward’s Class.

January 8, 1998


Animal Comparisons

The Mitten Animals


The Perry Animals


Animal Homes in Perry

Mouse   Squirrel   tree
Snowshoe Rabbit "big kickers" gray rabbit "flapping ears" hole in the ground
hedgehog "prickles" crow "big, black beak" cornfield
Owl "glinty talons" cardinal "red color" tree
badger "big diggers" skunk "smell" under Kevin’s shed
fox "shiny teeth" raccoon "sharp teeth and black mask" hole in the tree
bear size deer "big, sharp antlers woods
mouse   chipmunk   hole in the dirt


Animal comparisons by the 3rd and 4th graders in Mrs. Ward’s classes.

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