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Annie and the Wild Animals

Jan Brett

Mrs. Meek's Class

Pioneer Elementary School

Vancouver, Washington

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"A" is for Annie. Annie would not be lonely anymore. By Tia



"B" is for bear and also for other animals that hibernate in the winter. By Ryan



"C" is for cow. "D" is for dog. Annie met a cow. She gave it some hay. The next morning she woke up and there was a dog in the snow. She gave it some of her cat's food. By Katie



"E" is for Eyore. Annie takes Eyore with her when she is out looking for her cat. By Cody



"F" is for frogs. Annie saw some frogs in the spring. They were hungry and Annie gave them some food. By AJ and Blair



"G" is for goose. Annie finds a goose when she is looking for her cat. By Joshua



"H" is for horse. Annie finds a horse in the woods and she feeds it. The horse lets her ride it around the woods as they look for her cat. By Gabriel



"I" is for icicle. Icicles hang on Annie's house. By Truman


"J" is for jackrabbit. "K" is for kitten. Annie's kitten chases a jackrabbit in the snow. By Josh


"L" is for lions. When the lion came to eat Annie's cakes, he found a deer. The lion ate the deer instead. By Nick


"M" is for moose. Annie meets a moose when she is out looking for her cat. By Lindsay


"N" is for night. It starts to snow. By Courtney


"O" is for the oak tree where Annie's cat went to have its kittens. By Katya



"P" is for Pooh. Annie takes Pooh with her to find her cat. It is snowing hard. Pooh gets cold so Annie puts him inside her coat. By Erin


 Q R

"R" is for rabbit. Annie opens the door of her house and lets the kitty come in. The kitty was scared by a rabbit in snow. By Kim


"S" is for snake. A Cobra snake comes to eat Annie's cakes. Cobras are deadly! There is a bear who lives near Annie. Mr. Bear puts out a steak in the snow and the Cobra finds it. Mr. bear catches the snake when he is looking at the steak. He keeps the snake because he is lonely. Now he has a friend to hibernate with! By Jared



"T" is for the time passing as winter changes into spring and Annie's kittens are growing. "U" is for understanding that winter takes a long time to get over. "V" is for Vinnie which is what Annie names one of the kittens. By Jacob


  W X Y Z

"W" is for wolf. Annie finds a wolf and they become friends. I like wolves. "Z" is for "z" end of "ziss" ABC Book! By Adam