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  1. Literature Appreciation
  2. Develop Language Skills
  3. Showcase student work on the World Wide Web
  4. Foster creativity and imagination
  5. Develop higher level of thinking skills

Recommended For Students:

Grades 1-3


Every participating class will be assigned a book with a winter theme. Teachers are welcome to choose a winter book that is not on the list. Students will do some of the listed activities and have their work published on a website. Each class is invited to submit one illustration or photograph. This may be sent electronically or by snail mail. The class URL or e-mail address will be posted on the page.


All materials are due by January 31, 1998. The site will be up around March 1 and will remain posted for the entire school year.

Number of Participants:

There will be a separate page for twenty-five participating classes. Only one class per school may participate in this project.

Suggested Activities:

  1. Author Study- Research the author and write a report. Include a bibliography and/or URL.
  2. Write a book review.
  3. Create a new ending for the story.
  4. Interview some of the characters in the book.
  5. Rewrite the story as a play.
  6. Write a poem about the book or a character in it.
  7. Create a diorama. It may be photographed and submitted for the website.
  8. Make a group mural of the story and photograph it.
  9. Create a Venn Diagram.
  10. Photograph a puppet show or illustrate it.
  11. Write a paragraph about your favorite or least favorite book character.
  12. Feel free to add to this list.

Project Coordinator:

Susan Silverman
Clinton Avenue Elementary School
Port Jefferson Station
New York, 11776

How to register:

Please provide the following information