Elena Nikitina's Students

Pushkin, Russia

My students are from different schools from Pushkin (near St. Petersburg), they come to my lessons after their regular school hours. We have classes at Department of Public Education at City Hall.


I like the winter of themes, that I can go for a drive on sledge, to trench and to jump in snow-drifts, I love to play snow-drifts.

Vanya Akkuratov

I like winter, because you may play and toboggan on sledge, to play snow-balls.  I with my friends in winter go toboggan on sledge.  And have good & funny time.  I see from my window snow and birches, it are cover by snow, and see a house opposite my house, it looks like sugar candy.

Ivan Fedotov

I love a winter.  This the most merry time of year!  I can to play in snow-balls or to build strong from snow, ski or toboggan on sledge.  By circle all so beautifully - trees in snow and snow-drifts, I can to wallow in it.   But more of everything I like the celebration of the meeting of New Year, because Grand-father Frost always brings under the christmas-tree much different gifts.  New Year - my favorite holiday!

Ilya Alexsandrov

Winter I like of themes, that I may build different figures and snow-man.  In winter toboggan on sledge.  I see from my window white carpet and funny guys.

Misha Smirnov