Winter Poetry

Mrs. Foster's Class

Mullenix Ridge Elementary School

Port Orchard, Washington

As a class, we love the poetry of Shel Silverstein and Jack Prelutsky, among others, and decided to try some of our own along the winter theme of this project.  We chose Jack Prelutsky's book, It's Snowing!, It's Snowing!, to inspire our rhyming verse, and we found the seasonal pieces in Wind in the Long Grass, edited by William Higginson, supportive of our first attempts at haiku.

A small group of students worked together to create a mural using Kid Pix software to  complement our poetry.

We hope you enjoy our work.  We certainly enjoyed creating it. And we are especially grateful for this opportunity to share it.  

Our class would like to thank Mrs. Silverman for the special role she played in this wonderful exchange.  We've learned so much from others in  such an exciting way. And we would like to thank Mrs. Brown,  just down the hall at Mullenix Ridge Elementary, whose enthusiasm for "learning and  linkage" is contagious!
Linda Foster, 3rd Grade Teacher

This artwork was created in Kid Pix Studio by Garrett, Bryan, Justin, Kathy, Katie, and Jenny.

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I woke up this morning and what did I see?
The ground outside was as white as could be.
The pine trees weren't green, but a mystical white,
Painted in darkness, all through the night.


There was an icicle on my bicycle.
It made it really cold.
I couldn't hold the handlebars
Because all my fingers froze.
The leather on the seat was stiff;
The chain was frozen solid,
So I pushed it down the hill,
And used my sled to follow it.


Trapping fish in ice is not very nice.
You are skating. He is waiting.
You're on a date. He's fisherman's bait.
You're skiing great. He's about to meet his fate.
So never trap a fish in ice,
Because it's very impolite.


Snowflakes, snowflakes,
You're surrounding me.
Piling up so high,
That I can hardly see.

Snowflakes, snowflakes,
You're making me shiver.
I'm so cold,
I'm like an ice cube in a river.

Snowflakes, snowflakes,
Going on forever.
Please don't come back;
At least until November.


I ski down the hill on the white, white ground.
I think I'm free, as I fall to the ground.
It's ice, cold ground as I try to turn around.
I know my day is over as I lay face down.


When the snow falls on my nose,
I go inside for hot cocoa.


Snowflakes are falling! Oh, I'm glad!
Come on, sis! Let's go get the sled!
Snowflakes are falling! I want to sing!
Oh, what fun winter brings!



High up in the trees,
cuddled up in their warm nests,
sleeping like the earth.

My friend hit black ice.
I wish he hadn't, because
he would still be here.


I'm skiing down hill
so fast I can't stop myself!
Oh no, there's a tree!


Snow, snow falls once again
from a place called  "heaven" where
people go when they die.


Snow is gone away.
Melted slush covers my boots.
No more sledding now.


Snow is drifting down
finally touching the ground;
piling up so high.


Snowflakes are falling
everywhere white and deep --
signs of winter's chill.


The white rabbits
blend into the snow to hide,
frightened by their shadows.


A storm blows fiercely.
We play warm in the igloo.
We are safe and snug.


High in the mountains
where the tree-tops are covered,
a beautiful, fresh smell.


White winter rabbits,
as white as the winter snow,
seem to disappear.


I like hot cocoa,
and playing in the snow so
very cold, cold, cold!


Snowflakes cover the ground!
I jump into my snowsuit
to make giant's tracks outside.


Soft as a pillow,
snowflakes, like feathers,
fall from the sky.


Winter's very cold.
The trees bare their branches
and sleep through the snow.


We hope you enjoyed our poetry!