Owl Moon

By Jane Yolen

Mrs. Sims' Class

Springwood School

Lanett, Alabama

It was late on a winter night.
The moon was round and bright.

By Katie L.

Round, Full
Shining, Bright yellow
Making shadows of me

By Samantha S.& Hannah S.

The girl in red had a very big hat.
The red coat made her feel quite fat.

By MikeF.

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Quiet, Brave
Walking, Shivering Cold
Excited, Patient, Happily Searching

By Lillian H.& Morgan A.

The girl was up at night.
There was no light in sight.

By April M.

Fat, Round
Follows, Leaps, Flies

by Janie B.& Kelley S.

It was a cold and snowy night.
The ground was thick and colored white.

By Jessy R.

Tall, Dark
Standing Still, Bare
Majestic, Pointy, Stiff Statues

By Bunny J.& Ashley E.

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Brown, Fat
Fly, Hoot, Land
Alone, Hungry, Weird, Scared

By Will K. & Jake C.

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When you go out on a very dark night
You might see a gray owl in flight.

By Ben H.

One little girl and an owl.
With her papa and a howl.

By Jacob W.

Dear Ms. Yolen,

I liked your story a lot.  The pictures and the story all go together so well that it seems like you and the illustrator are good friends.   I'm glad you both worked together.

Kit J.

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