Snow Riders

By Constance W. McGeorge

Mrs. Lathuras' Class

Stokes School

Levittown, New York

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Illustratration by Scott M. & Ashley A.

Different Endings

They kept riding into the morning until the sun came up. After that they went home.

by Alyssa

This happened on Christmas Eve! When the children woke up they found the horses were gifts.

by Keelyn

The horses and the children kept going around the village until morning.

by Joseph

What did you think the children’s next adventure will be?

by Jennifer A.

Interview With the Author
by Amanda

Amanda: Where did you get the idea for the story?

Author: I grew up in a snowy state, Ohio.

Amanda: Did you know the children in the story?

Author: No,  they were in my imagination.

Amanda: Did you think it was a great story when you finished writing it?

Author: Yes,  I felt children would love the story.


Molly likes to draw and she loves the snow. Molly loves adventure. Molly loves animals, too. She’s a great girl.

by Kaitlin  S.

I think that horse that Molly made is beautiful. It looked so real, even though it was made from snow. Molly was so surprised when the horse pushed up.

by Zulma

Molly has brown hair and glasses. Molly has as brother named Matthew. Molly loves to color beautiful pictures.

by Jennifer H.

About Matthew

Jesse: When it was bedtime, Mattew was already in his pajamas. The he
went out and built his horse. Matthew’s horse shook and got up, and Matthew was very excited about this.

Michael: Matthew was a great kid. He looked cool when he was riding the horse. Matthew loved his teddy bear, too. He rode the best horse, and rode it great!
Bobby: I loved Matthew’s jump. He wondered when he would get home. He wondered why he and Molly had made horses instead of snowmen… I guess because horses are more exciting! Steven: Matthew is about my age. He must be in second grade. He looks like a very nice boy.

    Interviewer: Sarah
    Molly: Shannon

Sarah: How did you come up with the idea of the horses?
Molly: The drawing that I was doing made me think of the idea.

Sarah: When the horse got up, did it feel like snow you were sitting
Molly: No, it felt like fur.

Sarah: How did you tiptoe so quietly into house?
Molly: I took off my sneaker.

Sarah: Did it feel weird when you were on the horses?
Molly: Yes, because the horses were so fast, and I’d never been on a horse before.

Interviewer: Ashley
    Molly: Kelly

Ashley: What did you have for dinner?
Molly: Pizza! My favorite.

Ashley: What gave you the idea of building the snow horse?
Molly: Because I was drawing horses; I love horses.

Ashley: How old were you when you built the snow horses?
Molly: I was seven.

Ashley: How did your parents feel about the snow horses?
Molly: They were proud.

    Interviewer: Patrick
    Matthew: Mathew

Patrick: How did it feel to ride a snow horse?
Matthew: Fun, but it was scary when the horse jumped the fence.

Patrick: How come you don’t like to draw, and your sister does?
Matthew: I like to color things in… but not draw things.

Patrick: Did you really want to make a horse or a snowman?
Matthew: I wanted to make a snowman, but my sister said we must make

Patrick: How did you go to sleep so quickly?
Matthew: I was very tired from riding in the snow.

Interviewer: Peter
Matthew: Robert

Peter: What gave you the idea to build a snow horse?
Matthew: I love horses.

Peter: How did it feel when you were on the horse?
Matthew: It was very scary!

Peter: What was the best part of the ride?
Matthew: Jumping the fence was the best part.

Peter: Was it hard to hold on to the horse?
Matthew: Yes, very hard.