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Susan Silverman

WOW, WOW, WOW! This was really a neat and fun thing to put on the internet for us parents and our children! What's an added benefit is that we can make copies to keep as a rememberance too! Thanks for this internet treat. Our family got a big thrill seeing our 2nd grader's project from his class on the all powerful internet. Thanks so much for this feature...keep them coming too!
Mrs. Mary Anderson, Belmont Elementary Parent, Olney, MD. January 22, 1998

I love your Winter Wonderland page! I don't know if the best part is all the different places participants live, or if it's the variety of books that are included, or maybe all the wonderful things you had to say! It's all around great!
Our class wanted to tell you that our favorite winter book is Robert Munsch's 50 Degrees Below Zero. They think it is funny because of all the places his dad sleepwalks - and then where the boy wakes up!
Thanks for sharing your site with us.
Mrs. Nixon's 2nd grade class, Cartwright School, Phoenix, AZ, USA

I am really impressed with the Winter Wonderland project. Viewing it as an educator, I see so many wonderful lessons around this theme. It was a obvious reading and language arts activity. The guidelines incorporated many of N.Y. State Language Arts standards. The learning experience for the children was authentic. They weren't writing solely for a teacher in the classroom, but for the whole world to view. The sharing between children globally is an experience far behind what my words can express. Children can begin to understand how many things they have in common with one another. (It is my hope that from projects like this, the next generation will not be fooled into believing prejudices about entire races of people, as my generation was raised on.)
Speaking as a parent from a child involved in this project, my daughter loved seeing her words and pictures on your website. Her teacher created a bulletin board map of the United States. She labelled the states involved in the project. It was a great way to teach geography that captivated the children's attention.
My whole family throughly enjoyed reading all the other classes projects. We are proud of having our daughter involved in a project like this. Thank you for hosting this site.
Linda Alesi, Stokes Elementary School Parent, Levittown, NY

As a mother of 2, 11 year olds I think its great that they had a chance to work with younger children and become the mentors. I am an avid fan of the internet and it was great to see my childrens' work available for everyone to see. I've always wanted to tell the world how great my kids are, and this web page has done just that.
Peg, Sioux City, Iowa