Mrs. Bennett
Grade 2
Grove Elementary School
Greenville, South Carolina


We have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the Wright Brothers. We began be looking at pictures or early gliders and airplanes. The students were amazed at how different they look from the ones we have now! We made our own airplanes and tested to see whose would fly the farthest. We then read Will and Orv by Walter A. Schultz. We created math word problems in Kid Pix.  We hope you enjoy solving our math problems. In order to see the answers you will need to click and drag your mouse after the = sign.

8 airplanes - 1 airplane + 3 airplanes = 10 airplanes

6 airplanes - 2 airplanes = 4 airplanes

8 airplanes - 1 airplanes = 7 airplanes

6 airplanes - 5 airplanes = 1airplane


10 airplanes - 4 airplanes = 6 airplanes