Mrs. Heatherly
Grade 1
Mitchell Road Elementary
Greenville, South Carolina


To kick off our study on the Wright Brothers, we watched the video: This is America Charlie Brown: The Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk. We wrote stories about flying. We read The Magic School Bus Taking Flight. One experiment that we did showed the effect that air pressure had on making a wing go up into the air. We also made two different kinds of paper airplanes to see which would fly the furthest. We ended our week with having a flight contest with Mrs. Cloer’s class. The longest flight was 30 feet 6 inches. We had a great time visiting the many web sites. We really liked the dot-to-dot.

Here are a few stories that we wrote about flying.

I wish I could fly. I could fly to all kinds of places. I could fly to California or go to Washington. I love flying.
by Katherine
I like to be a bird because I like to fly. I like to be a pilot so I can go to the beach. I like to fly because I like to go to the beach.
 by Tre'Von

Auriel and Shelby are coloring their planes.

Katherine and Avery are adding the finishing touches to their planes.

Sadrik and Nikitas are flying their planes.

Shelby is waiting for Mrs. Cloer to say go.

This is the test flight between the two types of planes. The purple planes went much further.

We are waiting for our turn to fly.

Steadman is showing how a wing will go up using air pressure.