Patty Taverna and Lori Rollman 
Grade  2
Pocantico Hills School
Sleepy Hollow, New York


This year we have committed ourselves, as a faculty, to improving our students writing.  A newsletter created by each student was therefore a logical choice for the culmination of this year's study of the Wright Brothers.  The children spent time in class, in the library, and in the computer lab reading books, using encyclopedias and visiting a website on the Wright Brothers created by last year's class.  They took notes to help prepare for writing their own newsletter.  They did research to find an interesting fact for the "Did You Know?" section and they created an illustration and then wrote a caption for it. Terry Hongell, our computer teacher, created a template in Publisher for us to use and the children jumped right in.  They were very excited and pleased with the outcome.  We hope you enjoy reading these two examples of the finished projects.

You might enjoy visiting last year's Wright Brothers project, Meet the Wright Brothers. It is rich with information about these two very special inventors and ideas to help bring them alive in your classroom.

To view our newsletters you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Click here to download this free program.