Mrs. Isenberg
Grade 2
Holland Patent Elementary School
Holland Patent, New York


We  just completed  our unit on the Wright Brothers. The class really enjoyed it. During this unit we integrated reading, writing, listening, math, and technology. Here is a look at what we did:

I read Letís Fly Wilbur and Orville A Scholastic Chapter Book Biography by Peter and Connie Roop as a read aloud. After each chapter we added events to a timeline. Once the book was complete I made a timeline using the TimeLiner Program and added some pictures with permission from: "Courtesy of Special Collections & Archives, Wright State University".

The class read Wright Brothers: Dreamers of Flight from the Copycat Magazine Nov/Dec 2003.

The children also enjoyed listening to My Brotherís Flying Machine and looking at the pictures in Wright Brothers How They Invented the Airplane by Russell Freedman and First to Fly How Wilbur and Orville Wright Invented the Airplane by Peter Busby.

Several of the children helped out by bringing in encyclopedias and other books with additional information. One childís grandparentís from North Carolina even sent us a whole packet of information on the Wright Brothers.

After reading and discussing the books we did several other activities. First the children designed paper airplanes and we took them to the gym and flew them two times. Each time we measured the distance flown and put this information into a graph which we were able to use to compare distances. This was definitely the favorite activity!

This student had the longest flight with her airplane

Using the Kidspiration program the children filled in a graphic organizer with information about the Wright Brothers lives as children and adults and about their historic flight.  Feel free to download and use this template with your class.

Using the write program in Wiggleworks the children wrote 5 W Poems about the Wright Brothers.