Joan Maass
Computer Teacher
Grade 2
El Dorado Private School
Scottsdale, Arizona


Our 2nd grade class worked with MaxWrite during computer class to relate their adventures on airplanes with text and free hand drawn computer pictures! MaxWrite is part of Max’s Sandbox- a three part junior interface to Microsoft Office. This open-ended program promotes creativity as the students acquire transferable technology skills.
In the coming weeks we will be exploring some of the web sites listed on this project.  As the Wright Brothers anniversary approaches, we will also be viewing all the wonderful work, games, and puzzles that “Wright On” classes have contributed to this site!


My Trip to Florida
by Conor

I went on a airplane to Florida. I played games at the airport with my family. I sat on the aisle. The aisle is my favorite place to sit on the airplane. I watched movies, colored, played Gameboy Advance SP , and took a nap. When I woke up I was in Florida. I had a great time in Florida.


The Plane Ride
By Veronica

On my trip to Texas I sat by the aisle. I like to sit by the window though. It's fun because I can look out the window and see buildings and fields. I felt happy. I entertained myself by coloring in a coloring book. Leila entertained herself by kicking the seat of the man in front of her and scribbling on the plane. She's only two years old. I heard weird noises. It was fun.

My Trip to Turkey
By Yakut

I went to Turkey. When I had to get on the plane from outside the plane's engine went trrrrrrrrrrrr! First we ate a snack. It was small graham crackers. At night we watched a movie. A few minutes later the plane landed.

My Airplane Ride
By Whitney

I feel scared before I get on the plane. But when I get on the plane I am ok. Then I play games and do all kinds of things. I like to play Silly Faces, play board Games and watch a movie. I like listening to my C.D player! I always sit by the window so I can see stuff! I see lots of desert. Sometimes I take a nap. Sometimes I'll eat a snack like Sponge Bobs and Diet Coke. The plane ride felt long but my parents told me that it was not long to get there. Sometimes I read a book. Sometimes I color.

My Plane Trip
By Cassidy

When I'm getting on the plane, I feel happy. When I'm on the plane, I like to sit by the window. I like to look out of the window. I hear a weird noise throughout the ride. It sounds like this rrrrrrr. The plane is crowded! I like to color on the plane. The flight attendant gives out peanuts. I see ground! We're landing! After I get off the plane, we go in a taxi to the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego! It's my favorite hotel.

My Plane Trip to Colorado
By Sam

I went to Colorado with my family. I went by plane. First, I got on the plane. I usually sit in the 15th or 16th row. I like sitting by the window because I can see out the window. I bring my backpack so I can do all kinds of things like play my Gameboy, color, watch DVD's, and more. I hear roars and the wind. I like eating on the airplane because I get really hungry. Then twenty minutes before I get off the plane I pack up. The hardest part of the plane is getting off because you have to wait your turn.

My Trip To Alaska
By Joshua

One time I went to Alaska on a plane. It sounded like a boom when we took off. It was fun. It was a long trip. It took many hours. I went with my dad. We ate on the plane. Then we were at Alaska.

The Trip to New York
By Kelsea

Once I was going to New York. I went with mom, Kalli, Dad, and me. The airplane was big. It was morning. I was dying for food and then it finally came. I had fruit, macaroni, and grilled cheese. It was very good. I colored in my coloring book while my mom was sleeping. My sister and I were very excited. Whenever I looked out the window, all I would see was clouds. It was fun and cool. It took nine hours to get there. Once we got there, we had the best time of our lives.

My Plane Trip to Hawaii
By Jackson

My favorite place to sit is in first class. When I get bored I color, play, look out the window, read a book or I watch a movie on my DVD player I feel good. I like airplanes. When I get hungry, I eat a snack. I hear this rererrererrrer sound. It felt long . When I asked my mom how long it was, she said it was 6 hours to get to Hawaii. The lady brought me drink and food. Then I got to Hawaii.


My Trip to Hawaii
By Sage

One time I went on a plane to Hawaii. I went with my sister, mom and dad. We were sitting in the middle row. I thought that the plane flight was so fun because we got yummy food and some coloring books. Then I had some dinner. It was crackers, soup, and chicken nuggets. Then my sister and I went to sleep. My mom and dad stayed awake. The flight was two days! Then my mom and dad finally woke me up. My sister and I had breakfast and my mom and dad had brunch. Then we got off and we had lots of fun at Hawaii.