Joan Maass
Computer Teacher
Grade 2 & 3
El Dorado Private School
Scottsdale, Arizona


Our 2nd grade students worked with MaxWrite during computer class to relate their adventures on airplanes while our 3rd grade students designed what airplanes will look like 100 years in the future!  We hope you enjoy our free hand drawn computer pictures and our creative descriptions.   MaxWrite is part of Max’s Sandbox- a three part junior interface to Microsoft Office. This open-ended program promotes creativity as the students acquire transferable technology skills.
In the coming weeks we will be exploring some of the web sites listed on this project.  As the Wright Brothers anniversary approaches, we will also be viewing all the wonderful work, games, and puzzles that “Wright On” classes have contributed to this site!


2nd Grade Plane Adventures

The Fun Plane Ride
By Renault

I am nervous when I get on a plane. The plane’s engine makes a rough noise. The pilot tells how the weather is and where we’re going. My dad told the woman what we wanted to drink and eat. Then I read a magazine and played games with my brother.  Then we landed.  I told mom it was fun on the plane.

The Plane Trip
By Andrew

Last year I went on an airplane. My dad bought four tickets for my family. Then we waited at the airport to go on the plane. My family went on the subway and then we got on the airplane. Then I saw clouds, grass, pools and houses. Then the plane landed.

My Plane Ride to Germany
By Julia

I went on a plane with my mom to Germany. The plane ride was bumpy, rocky, and wiggly. When I looked outside, I saw houses that looked like a puzzle. They gave me water and food. I had to sleep overnight on the plane. When I woke up it was almost time to get off the plane. When we got to the airport, I saw my Grandma and Grandpa waiting for us. I was happy to see them.


Going to San Diego
By Taylr

Last year I went on a plane to San Diego. When I was taking off, it was very bumpy. When we were in the air I looked at the ground. The houses were very tiny. The cars looked like toys. Some people were listening to music and others were watching T.V. I was reading a book to my little brother. While I was reading we landed. It was fun!!


The Plane Ride
By Chase

Once I went on a plane with my mom and dad. We were waiting for the plane to arrive. Then it arrived and we got on the plane and sat in the eleventh row. When we were taking off, I saw houses and trees. We were going to California. When we landed at the airport, I saw lots of different kinds of planes from my window. Then we got off of the plane

3rd Grade Airplanes of the Future

The Plane of the Future
By Zack

In 100 years the plane is going to look like a flying spaceship in the air. It will be larger, thinner and much taller than planes today. It is going to be harder to build. It is going to be like a jet and it will be as fast as one. It is going to cost much more.


The Plane of the Future
By Jess

The plane of the future will be so hi-tech you won't believe it! There will be robots that will serve you your dinner, soda, snacks and desert. The robots will get lots of $ (tips). The plane tickets will only cost 1 cent! The robots will sleep on the plane. The airport manager will come and unplug them. The pilot is a robot too!


The Airshark
By Flynn

In 100 years there will be a plane. A plane so fast you won't be able to see it. It will be so comfortable that it will be like sitting on a cloud. It will be able to use echolocation. It will fly silently.

The Plane of the Future
By Stephen

One hundred years in the future, people will use planes to fly to work instead of cars. When people get to work, the planes will turn into briefcases. No one will be able to steal them. They will have smaller jets attached which could be used to escape from a battle. They will look weird inside and fly fast!

Airplane of the Future
By Mathew

It looks crispy and cool. It costs 99 billion dollars because they are built to last a long time. It can fly so fast that you can fly around the world in 1 hour. It will only be built for a family.