Joan Maass
Computer Teacher
Grade 3
El Dorado Private School
Scottsdale, Arizona


Our 3rd grade class worked with MacWrite during computer class to design what airplanes will look like 100 years in the future!  We hope you enjoy our free hand drawn computer pictures and our creative descriptions.   MacWrite is part of Max’s Sandbox- a three part junior interface to Microsoft Office. This open-ended program promotes creativity as the students acquire transferable technology skills.

 We also had fun completing this on-line crossword puzzle that our teacher created for us.

 In the coming weeks we will be exploring some of the web sites listed on this project.  As the Wright Brothers anniversary approaches, we will also be viewing all the wonderful work, games, and puzzles that “Wright On” classes have contributed to this site!

Mega Plane of the Future
By Travis

It will be able to transform into a motorboat and it can also transform into a jeep. It will have mini escape pods. It can go 900,000,000,000,000 mph. It will be able to carry 7,000,000,000,000 passengers. There will be a game room for kids with X box. There will be a microwave in front of the seats.

Cyber Plane
By Rachel

I think the airplanes 100 years in the future will look like the airplanes today but they will have bottoms that can open and close. If people want an outside breeze instead of plane old air, they press a button and the bottom just by their chair opens! If the pilots want to change the color of the plane, they can press a button and the plane is a different color! The pilot can also change the design too. The planes will have buttons on the side of your seat that will let you have a massaging chair and you will be able to have any kind of food when you want it! It can hold zillions of people!

My Airplane of the Future
By Matthew

My airplane in a hundred years will look like a rocket with 4 power boosters on the bottom and 2 wings. It would have 3 decks and on each deck 50 windows. It also has 3 rows of chairs in each deck and it goes 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 mph. It can carry 900,000,000,000,000 passengers but 450,000,000 passengers on each deck and it has 900,000,000,000,000 T.V's. It doesn't have any walls and no ceiling.

Tiger Eye Airlines
By Mariah

In the future the airplanes will be fast and smooth. The windshields are going to have a machine to clean them. The machine will put new water and then a brush will wipe out the water. The airplanes will have 150 windows, 6 boosters, 5 wheels, 68 exits, eight bottom exits, and 8 blowup safety slides on the outside.

On the inside, there will be 300 seats for each person on board with trays. When you press a button the trays will come out. Another button will make your seat go back. There will be a game room for when you are bored. There will be no charge to be in the game room or play the games. There will also be a kitchen with lots and lots of food. They will have a T.V. in the back of the seats that can tell you where the plane is. If you type your favorite show, even if doesn't exist, it will come up on T.V. Also the design is going to have stripes like a tiger. The airlines will be called Tiger Eye airlines. This is what I think airplanes will be like in the future.

Airplane of the Future
By Kevin

In the future they will have big huge sun bullets. They won't have wings. There will be magnets under the airplane. The plane's magnets will be able to move the earth to the sun. The plane will be able to be invisible. It will be able to fly through a tree.

My Plane of the Future
By Joshua

In 100 years, the planes will have very long wings and jet powered engines. Also they will fly 400 miles per hour. Inside they will have very long beds and showers. They will be very nice planes that people can live in. Also they will have nice paint jobs.

In 100 years the planes will fly higher in the sky than they do now. The planes will hold 19,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 passengers. The planes will have game rooms and bedrooms for the kids and parents.

The Rocket Plane
By Johnny

The plane will be the same as now but it will be faster. It will go 200,000 mph. You will be able to bring your Play Station 2 and plug it into the television in front of you. It could hold 900,000,000,000 passengers. You will be able to make as much noise as you want. It will have anti ray guns and security. It will have a shield to protect itself. My plane will also have beds in it.

The Coolest Plane
By Georgianna

This is what I think planes will be like in one hundred years. They will go 1,000,000,000 miles per hour. They will be made out of gold and silver. They will have lasers on them. They will also have fire painted on them. They will have boom boxes in them. The boom boxes will have every CD in the world. They will also be able to turn invisible.

Fire Flame
By Abbey

I think airplanes in 100 years would be the same but they would be upside down and they would have curtains. People could get up when ever they wanted. It could hold about 10,000,000,000 passengers. When they get on the upside down airplanes, they will hit their heads on the ceiling pads.

The Groovy Jet
By Logan

I think that a plane 100 years from now will have no wheels, it will hover when it takes off and when it lands. It will also have extra huge boosters. It will be able to land anywhere at any time! It will have atomic lasers and it will be totally GROOVY BABY!!

Boeing Pantheon Plane
By Kyler


The plane of the future will have a super sonic blast that can go 110,0567,906,997, miles per hour. The top of the plane will be made out of glass so passengers can look at the stars. It will have a telescope so they can see better views of the stars. The bottom of the plane will be a dinner place and have bedrooms. Lots of the planes will be made from Boeing. The plane will have lots of weapons stored on the top of it. It will be shaped like a diamond with a small diamond on top. It will also have a red stripe on it. It will have a laser field that is turned on and off with a code. The plane will have a Disney land and gym in it! The plane will hold 4,555,679,980 people and will have 999,000,556,333,277 parachutes.

Speed Racer
By Samantha

This new plane of the future will have metal all over it with super weapons on each side. The top of the plane will have the writing saying Auto Diver 600,000,000. The bottom of the plane will have weapons all to the top. It is good for the military. The paint on the plane will have pictures of fire .The plane will go up to 900,000 miles per hour and some will go the speed of light!!!! The plane is programmed to pull itself and other planes out of trouble like the ocean, the mountains, and fires!!!!!!!! This plane can also go into auto pilot if the real pilots want to take a break. This plane will go on auto pilot for hours !!!!!!!! It will have a magic shield that can cover the whole plane.