Mrs. Singer
Grade 2
Terryville Road Elementary School
Port Jefferson Station, New York


The Wright Brothers made their amazing flight on December 17, 1903. 'Mrs. Singer's Amazing Second Graders' commemorated the one hundredth anniversary of this event with many interactive learning activities.

A classroom library filled with many aeronautical related books. Students brought in model airplanes.

Posters of old and modern aircraft were displayed along with flight apparel. Each student put on their 'flight school wings' and eagerly started their navigation of activities. The morning really flew by!

We started off the day reading an Online picture book about the Wright Brothers, followed by the Timeline of Flight

The students took turns answering the questions in the Wright Brothers Trivia Quiz.  We put the questions in a pocket chart to revisit during work board literacy centers.

We continued flight school with a poetry shared reading named, 'Crazy Boys'.  Students will get an opportunity to revisit this poem during Literacy work board centers.

An interactive flip poster was displayed with aeronautical vocabulary. Students enjoyed guessing the names of the various airplane parts using their new words. You can download the words here.

Aerodynamics was explored with a demonstration using a plain paper and  lift-off was discovered. We blew under the paper and over the paper and discovered how wind direction affects flight. Orville and Wilbur often visited the wind tunnels to try their flying machines!

Mr. Truding is a model airplane enthusiast. He brought in a plane to show us. We learned so much about how planes fly.

Cooperative groups made airplanes from 2 different  paper types. Predictions were recorded and off to the hall they went to fly their aircraft. Distances were measured by floor tiles and data was recorded. The students were responsible to transfer their data on the class chart.  The data was analyzed and conclusions were made.



Ready, on the start line........blast off!

Counting the floor tiles was a good way to measure the plane distances


The construction plane airplane always went the furthest. We concluded that weight adds to flight distance. 

Time to transfer the data. Here are their prediction sheets.

Students compared modern day aircraft with the Wright Brother 1903 aircraft. 

A venn diagram was used to record their findings.

Using the Kidspiration program the children filled in a graphic organizer with information about the Wright Brothers lives as children and adults and about their historic flight.  Feel free to download and use this template with your class.

Many children were eagerly sharing their airplane experiences. Stories were written by students about their air travels. A classroom flight book was compiled with these experiences.

After reading a final selection about the Wright brothers, the students had fun testing their knowledge with a quiz. Click here to print the quiz.

Finally a delicious airplane cookie was enjoyed by all students. Thank you to Mrs. Dembek for baking these treats.

Newsday has some wonderful information on the Wright Brothers.