We found some fun  activities for you to enjoy as you learn all about the Wright Brothers and aviation. 

At the Gerald R. Ford International Airport web site you can:

Color a picture of an airplane cockpit

Solve a word search puzzle

Learn the aviation alphabet

The Wright Flyer  Marci McGowan told me that her second graders love the construction simulator.  Leave to National Geographic!

Fun and Games NASA has a few games that are so much fun.  Don't miss their new Wright Brothers Game!

Wright Brothers Concentration Game This wonderful game was created by Mrs. Gray, one of our participants!  What collaboration!

Jay Jay the Jet Plane at Tarrytown Airport is full of fun and surprises.  We won't tell you what's there.  Click on the link and find out yourself!  Send us an e-mail to let us know what you liked the most.

Artie the Airplane Artie is a rescue plane.  His job is to help people.  At his web site there are many fun activities for you to enjoy.  Our favorite place is the Cartoon Studio.  Do you agree?

Pilot Concentration Do you have a reading buddy or an older sister or brother?  If so, invite them to play this game with you.  Babysitters, moms, dads, aunts, uncles, and grandparents will like it too!

AvKids.Com Here's your chance to build an aircraft online.  All you need to do is click and drag!

Billings Logan International Airport Look for the link on this page to play the memory game.  Match photos of modern aircraft and those that were around before you were born.  Your parents will LOVE this activity!

Air Force Link Jr.  You will have lots of fun with this connect the dots online activity.

Matching, Concentration and Hidden Words  An activity in Quia created by Mrs. Dennison.  

Wright On 2003 From Rags to Riches  An activity in Quia created by Ms. Taormina.

If we find more activities for you we'll add them to this page.  If you find any please let us know so we can share them with other students your age.  Have Fun!