Donna Marshall's Class
JFK Elementary School
East Islip, New York


Yummy Apple Creations

After reading, writing, listening and speaking about "APPLES" during the month of September, our class investigated recipes and the components of a recipe! What better way to celebrate apples, than to create our very own "Apple Recipes"! Our class enthusiastically got to work, listing wonderful ingredients and exciting recipe procedures! This was a super reading/writing learning activity that was also fun, fun, fun! Thanks for the great opportunity.

3 Apple Space Ships

100 apples
4 marshmallows


1. Stick 20 apples together with frosting.

2. Put marshmallows around the outside of the apples.

3. Use the fire to light up the spaceship. It will fly up in the air!

Brien Kane
Frank Abbatiello

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Apple Dog

4 apples
peanut butter
6 M&M's
1 marshmallow
2 toothpicks
To make...

1. Stick the 4 apples together with peanut butter.

2.Use peanut butter to stick M&M's to the paws, mouth and eyes.

3.Split the marshmallow apart and use peanut butter to stick them on the head for ears.

4.Use 2 toothpicks for his tail.

Kyle Knoth and Gregory Ferraro


The Apple Dragster

1. Paper
2. Apple skin
3. Four cut apples
4. Eight sticks
5.One apple

To make

1. Cut a little piece of paper and glue a stick to it.

2. Stick the sticks in the apples.

3. Get four sticks and glue it on the apple skins.

4. Get an apple and cut it into a motor.

5. Get five apple skins.

Dylan Polis, Daniel Capone, and Michael Malerba

Apple Dog


3 Apples for the Body.
1 apple for the head
4 tooth picks
1 apple for the ear
2 raisins for the eyes
2 tictacs for the nose
peanut Butter

To Make:

1. Stick 3 apples together for the body.

2. Use 4 toothpicks for the legs

3. Use 1 toothpick for the tail.

4. Use 2 tic tacs for the nose.

Diana Wieland
Allison Cain

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Apple House


17 apples
Peanut Butter
Vanilla Frosting
1 more apple
Graham CrackersTo Make:

1. You need lots of peanut butter and frosting.

2. Spread the peanut butter onto the apples again and again to stick the apples together, like a house.

3. Stick Graham crackers on top to make a roof.

4. Use the extra apple for the doorknob.

5. Now decorate the house with M&M's, Skittles, and sprinkles!

6. Yum, can eat your house!

Danielle Cornell
Lucy Themistocleous
Laila Ahmad

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Apple Dog


4 Apples
7 toothpicks
2 M&M's
1 Twizzler
bowl of black paint

How to make it:

1. Use 4 apples for the belly.

2. Put the toothpicks through the apples for the legs and the body.

3. Put the paint in the bowl and then put the apple in the bowl.

4. Put the twizzlers for the mouth and the tail.

5. Put the M&M's on the paint while it is drying you may need to use super glue.

Tyler Schaper
Trevor Smith

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