Teacher's Journal

July 17, 1998

I just sent letters home to my students asking them to write a few sentence for their homepages.  If only they knew how busy their new teacher is designing this site and our fall Internet project, Pumpkin Patch.   The participants in this project are a creative and dedicated group of teachers.   They have been sending me ideas and resources to use on our project and I know it is going to be a wonderful learning experience for all.

All work and no play makes Mrs. Silverman a tired teacher, so I'm off to San Francisco next week.  Actually, I just returned from London, but that was just a two day trip!

August 5, 1998

We had a lovely time in California.  The photo in "Our Teacher" was taken at Pebble Beach.  Tomorrow my husband David and   I  will be off to Japan for a week. I plan on taking  many pictures, a video, and shop for crafts to use in my unit on Japan.  Hopefully I'll find some very unique gifts to give my students in December.

August 21, 1998.

We had a wonderful time in Japan, although it was hot and humid.  I was able to take many pictures, and have some great materials to use in my teaching unit.

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