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December 8, 1998

Our Frosty Readers project is underway and Mrs. Crawford's class from Hikutaia School in New Zealand was the first class to complete their project.  This is because on December 15, they will be on summer vacation!  This wonderful class did some creative activities with The Hat  by Jan Brett. Her students created hats for hedgehogs out of junk materials.  We saw these hats on her page and after learning about hedgehogs decided to do the same project.  Here are some of the hats that our students made and they are dedicated to Mrs. Crawford's class!

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December 23, 1998

The participants in Frosty Readers are beginning to send in their materials.  Mr. Potter’s third grade class at the Lakewood Elementary School in British Columbia, Canada did wonderful job with A Prairie Boy’s Winter by William Kurelek. There are twenty chapters and illustrations in this book. His students wrote their own versions of the twenty chapters and created beautiful illustrations that are showcased on a web page.   After reading their outstanding work I got a copy of it at our school library to read to my class.  Every morning we read a few chapters of the book and Mr. Potter's students’ versions.  My students enjoyed this literature experience and were inspired to write their own chapters. We would like to dedicate this work to Mr. Potter’s class.

Chapter 16
Snowed In

I remember in 1995 my door was covered with snow.  My family had to climb out the window!  I was about 4 or 5.  I was so small.  You had to see me.

by Amanda

Chapter 11
Chasing My Dalmation In the Snow

When it snows I chase my dalmation.  His name is Freckles.   I love him very much.  But he chews toys.  The snow came down on us.   We loved it very much.  He is very silly in the snow!

by Jamie

Chapter 15
A Frosty Morning

Today I built a snowman outside.  And it was so cold that my hands were frozen.  And I wanted hot chocolate.  But my mom didn't let me have hot chocolate.  My ears were frozen cold.  And suddenly a big cold wind hit me.   I fell down a hill.  And I got hurt.

by Alyssa

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Chapter 6

The hockey I play is knock hockey.  And there is this cheap shot that I never miss.  This is how to do that shot.  You put the puck at the knocker and press.

by K.J.

Chapter 17
Driving On Icy Streets

Hi!  I deliver newspapers.  It is hard to ride on icy streets.  In 1995 my tire got stuck in the snow.  I built an ice rink to entertain me.  I was stuck for 5 hours.  My bike finally got out of the snow.   And I went to bed.

by Kevin

Chapter 14
The Blizzard

In 1995 there was a blizzard.  There was a lot of snow, about 3 inches of snow.  My brother and I made snowballs, and we threw them at my dad.   My dad built a fort for me and my brother.  Then we went in the house for a fire and hot chocolate.

by Steven

Chapter 14
The Blizzard

Last year there was a blizzard.  My dad and I built snowforts.  Then we had a snowball fight.  The two of us had a good day.

by James

Chapter 14
Skating on the Pond

My name is Charlayna and I made a skating pond.  Every day I go skating.  Mom and I fell down one time.  We want to go the next day.

by Charlayna

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