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January 11, 1999

Today we read Thomas' Snowsuit by Robert Munsch.  My students adored this book and I had to close the classroom door because of all the laughter! We then read  Mrs. Gialdini's page from Frosty Readers.  Her students did a wonderful job writing about their favorite and worst clothes.  They created wonderful illustrations in Kid Pix Studio.  Their work was an excellent model and inspiration for my students.  Here is a sample of our work.  We are going to "snailmail" our stories and pictures to Mrs. Gialdini's third grade class in Fremont, California.

My Favorite Clothes
by Charlayna

My favorite clothes are my bell bottoms with brown and white stripes.  They look like bells.  Sometimes I wear black silk bells.

char1.gif (3640 bytes)

My Favorite Clothes
by Nicole

My favorite clothes are my bell bottoms and my striped t-shirt.   They look good on me.  I love them.  I got the bell bottoms for Christmas.  I got the t-shirt for my birthday.  They are my favorite clothes.

nic.jpg (12100 bytes)

Sandra Fortunoff, our principal, announced some very exciting news.   She received a phone call that I won the  "Long Island Teacher of the Month!"  I'll write more about this as soon as I get the details!

January 20, 1999

The Great Chocolate Experience

Our theme for this week is chocolate.  The children did an exciting math activity that involved counting and sorting  candy.  Once we collected our data, it was e-mailed to the project coordinator of The Great Chocolate Experience.  We visited the M &M website and went on a virtual tour.  The M & M people were so cute that we decided to make our own candy people on Kid Pix Studio.  We'll be hearing chocolate stories, watching a video, writing stories, poems and drawing pictures of chocolate. What a delicious week we're going to have!

candy.gif (10061 bytes)

sorting.jpg (16884 bytes)

mm.gif (8351 bytes)

January 28, 1999

I received a letter today from the International Reading Association informing me that I am a regional winner of the 1999 Presidential Award for Reading and Technology sponsered by TLC School.  I will be recieving $500 worth of educational software to use with my class.  How exciting!

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