As we drove closer and closer toward the mountain, it seemed to soar out of the ground and kept getting higher and higher. So high in fact you could not see the top of the mountain it was above the clouds. As a result the image of the mountain gave me a queasy feeling when I looked up. We unloaded all the equipment and hauled it into the lodge. The lodge Looked like a barn and it was located at the bottom of the mountain. After getting all the equipment on like my dad showed me I was ready for my first day of skiing. My dad and I made finally it outside, and for those of you, who have never had ski boots on, they are not made to walk in and, I kept falling. Once outside we went to the beginners practice area, which was called the bunny slope I have no idea why because, I did not see any bunny rabbits any where. Well after two hours of practicing on the bunny slope dad thought I did well enough to try the bigger mountain. So after a hot chocolate break we headed to one of the chair lifts. I could not help but feel very small next to that enormous mountain.
Pedro   Hali