Ski Lift
Well when we arrived at the chair lift, I got that queasy feeling in my stomach again. Unlike the bunny hill where you had to hold onto a rope, that pulled you up the hill, here you had to jump in front of a moving chair and have it pick you off the ground while you have your skis on. I was very scared and asked dad if we could go back to the bunny hill. He assured me that everything would be alright. Once on the lift, I began to feel terrified as the lift climbed because it kept climbing higher and higher. But I held onto my dad real tight and closed my eyes. At the top of the lift you have to jump off and glide away from the area where the lift unloads. I did not glide I slid and other people slid on top of me and more people after that. After a few minutes we untangled everybody and I was at the top of the mountain. 


Pedro   Hali