Online Activities

"Match the Snowflake" Memory Game created by Mrs. Knox - Uncover the "mystery photo" by finding the pairs of snowflakes with matching colors. This is a great way to reinforce color recognition for younger students, and is just plain fun for older ones!

"Mixed Up Snowman" Jigsaw Puzzle created by Mrs. Knox - Our poor snowman has "gone to pieces"! Won't you please help him pull himself together by solving our online jigsaw puzzle? (A special thanks to Steve White for allowing us to customize his java applet)

Harder Version of the "Mixed Up Snowman" Jigsaw Puzzle created by Mrs. Knox - Getting too good at the puzzle above? Try this version!

Timed Frosty Reader Puzzle created by Mrs. Silverman who thinks some of you are such excellent puzzle solvers that she threw a timer into this one! Can you beat the clock? If you like that one try the Timed Skier Puzzle, the Timed Snow Angels Puzzle, and one based on Jan Brett's "The Hat". All of the puzzles feature original children's artwork with a winter theme.

Dress Frosty created by Mrs. Knox - Frosty is having a fashion crisis! He can't decide what hat or glasses to where. In fact, he can't even decide what expression he wants on his face! Drag and drop different elements onto Frosty with your mouse until he looks "cool"! - This game requires the Macromedia Flash Player (see game for link to download)

Dress Frostina created by Mrs. Silverman - Frostina is Frosty's sister. Mix and match some of her outfits by dragging the pictures with your mouse. You may wonder why there is a Mets cap. Frostina is a Mets fan and thinks about her team even in the winter! It was difficult to get a custom fit for Frostina since her body shape is a little unusual. You can also add a little scenery to this picture. This game requires Microsoft Internet Explorer - Netscape version coming soon!

Offline & Printable Activities

"Find the Frosty Book Character" - Printable Word Search created by Mrs. Silverman - The names of some of our favorite characters are hidden in this word search. See if you can find them all!

"Frosty Words" - Printable Word Search created by Mrs. Silverman - Brrrrr! Just the sounds of some words make you want to curl up with a cup of hot chocolate! See if you can find the words Mrs. Silverman has hidden in this printable activity.