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Name: Mrs. Ahlbrecht
From: USA
Date / Time: Monday, February 25, 2002       10:16:06 PM

Our class is enjoying the projects from the other classes. The librarian has helped a few students find books that have been shared on the site, so my students can read them for themselves. Our computer lab time is a time for sharing the enthusiasm for the project itself. Once a particularly cool site is discovered, it is quickly shared throughout the room. Thank you.

Name: Georgia Cloer
From: USA
Website: Classy Clowns Celebrating
Date / Time: Saturday, February 09, 2002       7:11:56 PM

This project was so much fun! January started off with four inches of snow in Greenville, SC--which is truly unusual. We got into the Frosty Spirit quickly! My students enjoyed reading as many of the books as we could find. They picked up on the descriptive writing in many of the selections. Their writings about winter were so good. They began "drawing pictures" with their words. I appreciate you ladies providing such an awesome project that entices First Graders to want to read and write even more! It was also great to have such worthwhile Internet activities for them to utilize both at home and in the classroom! Can't wait until next year! We'll be part of the 2003 project!

Frosty Readers 2002 Total Guests: 12 Sign Our Guestbook