Elementary DBQs
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Name: Mary
Date / Time: Wednesday, September 29, 2004       3:59:50 PM

Working on my Masters Project on DBQs-loved what you're doing--have read lots of articles related to high school students creating DBQ's delighted to see the kids do them too. Respond with insight for me if you wish

Name: Karen Scott
From: USA
Date / Time: Friday, May 09, 2003       1:06:11 PM

I found the DBQ Internet Project to be exciting as I watched my students get involved in their activities. The students were eager to see their work on a website being viewed by others across the country. They were excited about receiving responses to their DBQ. It was rewarding to watch small groups as they worked toward an agreement as to whether or not they would accept or reject responses from other students. I only wish that I had more classroom computers available because while my students were all eager to get on-line, some became a bit impatient when they had to wait their turn. Thank you for introducing me to this internet project.

Student Created DBQs Elementary Total Guests: 11 Sign Our Guestbook