Unfortunate Collaborations
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Name: xxxxxxxx
From: United States Of America
Date / Time: Saturday, August 10, 2013       10:24:41 AM

Hello, this is Sunny BAUDELAIRE. Violey and Klaus are behind me at our mantion we share the Violet inharreted for us with the fortune. The Quagmiretwins are here with us too...I am 15 today, in real life. Yes I am looking up all the websites to tell you that this is real... Now I am old enough, I relize a man named Lemony Snicket(Kit and Jacues brother) have written all about us. That is very much appreciated. Sunny, Klaus, and Violet|ekasmmv|ekasmmv

Name: Penelope
From: Greece
Date / Time: Tuesday, August 18, 2009       5:45:24 PM

I've read all the books and I'm soooooo sad Count Olaf died!!! I loved this guy, he was sooooooo funny!!! I didn't like chapter 14, though. Anyway, the End was good. I loved the scene were Count Olaf showed his feelings to Kit Snicket!!!

Unfortunate Collaborations Total Guests: 159 Sign Our Guestbook