Laura Numeroff's delightful books including "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" and others are beloved by children everywhere. These stories are an excellent introduction to sequencing aspects and prediction. Your students will enjoy writing their own stories patterned after this series. The following piece was written by Mrs. Ahlbrecht's Class at Robert Frost Elementary School, Sioux Falls, South Dakota for "Apple Bytes". (Click on the link to see their other stories.) The follow-up Kidspiration activity can be used individually by students as a center activity or by the teacher as a shared writing activity with the class.

Download the Kidpiration activity template here.


If you give an alligator an apple,
He’ll want some caramel to go with it.
He will get sticky teeth.
He’ll have to brush and floss.
He will want a glass of water to rinse his mouth out.
The water will remind him of the sea.
So, he’ll go outside to play in the hot tub.
He’ll get hot.
When he gets out of the hot tub, he’ll step on some sticky gum.
The gum reminds him of caramel.
He’ll want some caramel to go with it.
He’ll probably ask you for some caramel.
And chances are..
If you give him some caramel, he’ll ask for an apple to go with it.

© Patricia Knox & Susan Silverman - Kidspired Tales 2002