Mrs. Little's Multi-Age Class
East Alexander Middle School
Hiddenite, North Carolina

We thoroughly enjoyed our Lucky Ladybug experience and were able to tie it into all subject areas that week. It was great fun.

In Language Arts, we were discussing genres, so we read 2 ladybug books to demonstrate fiction and non-fiction. We were discussing US State Symbols in Social Studies. Using postcards sent in during our US Postcard Exchange, various websites viewed on the smart board, and a graph, we found out how many states had Ladybugs as their state insect. During 2nd Semester, we will access prior experiences to discuss insect life cycles in Science. We just couldn't wait until then to have Ladybugs in our classroom! I took many photos to refresh their memories next Spring. For Independent Living Skills, we practiced spreading while making Ladybug Ritz Crackers.

Our Ladybug Math time was a great success. Click HERE for lesson plans.

math doubles on ladybugs

classroom ladybug display

student ladybug drawing of addition doubles

 We began the previous week by playing games with addition doubles flashcards when we finished other lessons early. We also skip counted by two's during Calendar Time. When it came time for the lesson, the children were more than ready to learn multiplication concepts. As a teacher, I enjoyed seeing my students choose how to represent their learning. The delight and pride they showed in their project was greater than I've seen before. It was also neat to see how some students 'jumped on the learning train' during one type of activity (Smartboard) and the others hopped on for another activity (ink blots). For my assessment, my students created symmetrical ladybugs and then wrote 2 different number sentences to demonstrate how addition and multiplication are related. They were able to create ladybugs on the computer using Kid Pix, with construction paper and glue, playdoh, and by drawing with markers. Even the most physically disabled student in my room was able to create a ladybug with help.


  Susan Silverman and Sarah McPherson 2007