It was my birthday and I surely did not wish for this to happen.  It all started that morning, when I woke up and broke free of the pupa I slept in.  I quickly got my friends together so that we could go on a birthday adventure to practice using my brand new wings.

This was where Coleo's problems began.  This mishap would never have started if Coleo and his friends wouldn't have wandered away from the neighborhood. 

There we were flying after each other playing tag when out of the blue a little boy ran after us with a jar intending to trap us.  I don't know if he was doing this to be mean or because of that foolish myth those humans started, claiming that us ladybugs were lucky.  Whatever the reason, I had to do something fast.  My first reaction was to do whatever I would normally do when these things happen to me, play dead and hope for the best.

Pedro   Hali   Monty