Dr. Catherine Kurkjian
Central Connecticut State University
RDG 588 Teaching Children's Literature
Section 1
New Britain, CT


Assignment for RDG 588 students:
Project Rubric
For the second literature circle each group will read the same books: Tangled Threads, and The Whispering Cloth both by Pegi Deitz Shea. On the evening of this literature circle the author will be present. We will participate in a literature circle and each group will share their extension project. Pegi Deitz Shea will present to us as well. For this session our class will participate in an Internet Project. An Internet project involves a project in which classes collaborate via the Internet. For this project we will post our group share on a common website focusing on Literature Circles. Your projects should have a visual component. See description of this project at Susan Silverman¹s website. View some ideas for extension projects.


The students enrolled in RDG 588 Teaching Children Literature course are inservice teachers (K-12) earning their Master’s Degree in Reading and Language Arts at Central Connecticut State University in New Britain, CT. This is their second literature circle this semester and we are finding that they can be great fun and an important way to build a cohesive literacy community in our classrooms. To find out more about literature circles in this class you can visit my RDG 588 online syllabus.

This time students read the same two books, The Whispering Cloth and its sequel, Tangled Threads, both written by Pegi Deitz Shea. On the evening of our literature circles we were honored to have Pegi Deitz Shea join us. She gave us inside information about the development and writing of these books and we were enthralled by the insights she provided on her books. Each group then shared their extension projects that they collaboratively developed and we informally responded to them and interacted with the author in the process.

The extension projects provided a valuable way for the groups to revisit, and re-experience the book in a new and in-depth ways. Please visit our Tangled Threads PowerPoint presentation to view our extension projects. Be sure to download our PowerPoint presentation in which students created an ABC book on Tangled Threads. It offers some amazing insights on this very powerful book. If you do not have Power Point on your computer, Microsoft offers a free viewer which can be downloaded.

Author Pegi Shea Deitz holding a Hmong story cloth that was inspirational to her in the writing of Tangled Threads.

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