Karl Jean-Francois

EDLA 615

Summer Session 2005


This book is one of my favorite fairy tales. It captivates the readerís attention. The writing is superb. Winnie, a rather bored and spoiled child, gets kidnapped by the way of life of the Tuck family which would change her life forever.

The Tucks which most of us readers envy drinks from a well that grants them eternal life. They are condemned to live forever. After reading this book, most of us mortals get to appreciate non eternal life. At least, not the eternal life package they get; that is living forever in the wood, in a restricted world where there is no evolution of any sorts. Their secret of not ever to be old will be revealed if they keep Mae Tuck in prison for life. Then came the most difficult decision a child must make.

This child would want to have age and experience on her side to make such a drastic decision, however, the decision is meant to be made early in life, so early only children are offered such a painful opportunity.


Extension Project