Mrs. Fincher's Second Grade Class
Landis Elementary School
Logansport, Indiana
Assorted Mouse Stories


Our class really enjoyed participating in the Mouse Tales Project. We read many books by Laura Numeroff. We enjoyed learning about stories that were circle stories. We started our unit off by reading the story If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. We talked about what a circle story was, worked on sequencing, and worked on comprehension skills.

During the second week of our unit we read If You Take a Mouse to School. Ms. Fincher then read us If You Take a Mouse to the Movies. We then used a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast the two stories.

We then partnered up and wrote our own versions of these stories. Each group decided if they wanted to write a story about If You Give or If You Take. The stories turned out to be great stories.

In order to type our stories we used the software Scholastic Keys, which we had won from the Chocolate Stories Internet Project. We had a great time illustrating our stories using the program.

Indiana Academic Standards:

Standard 2: Reading: Comprehension
2.2.2. State the purpose for reading
2.2.5 Restate facts and details in the text to clarify and organize ideas
2.2.6 Recognize cause and effect relationships in a text

Standard 4: Writing: Process
2.4.2 Organize related ideas together to maintain a consistent focus
2.4.3 Find ideas for writing stories and descriptions in pictures and books
2.4.5 Use a computer to draft, revise, and publish writing

Standard 5: Writing: Applications
 2.5.1 Write brief narratives based on their experiences that: move through a logical sequence of events and describe the setting, characters, objects, and events in detail
2.5.5 Use descriptive word when writing

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