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Mrs. Lawhon's Class
Most Pure Heart of Mary School
Topeka, Kansas

My book is called Ska-tat. I am going to write words about the story. I am doing an ABC book. I can write any words. I have to put a capital letter on the first letter. I have to have sentences.

by Katie

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My book is called Look What I Did with a Leaf. I am going to make a picture with leaves. I would like to make a butterfly, mouse, or lion. It will be on the Internet. A bunch of other schools will see it.

by Whitney

My book is called The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin. I am going to do research about how much squirrels eat in a day. I am going to cut on a pop bottle. Then I am going to put bird seed in it. Then I am going to hang it up in a tree ! ! !

by Alex

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My book is called Merle the High Flying Squirrel. I'm going to make a high flying squirrel. I will use a paper airplane, cut out paper, scissors, and glue. Last of all I will make it. Then the next day I will turn it in.

by Joe

My book is called The Tale of Timmy Tiptoes. I will do a puppet show. I think it will be lots of fun. I know it! We will make the chipmunks and squirrels. It is going to need a lot of stuff and writing. It will probably be pretty hard. But I'll still like it. It is pretty much scarey.

by Becky

My book is about The Tale of Timmy Tiptoes. I am going to do a puppet show. It is going to need a lot of writing. It is going to be fun. It is about Timmy Tiptoes. He is collecting nuts. Every day they make several journeys.

by Libby M.

I am doing an abc book for my first book report. Our class is going to put it on the Internet. I am reading Autumn. It is good so far. My book is an abc book. We can not take our books home.

by Lauren

A is for acorn. B is for bat. C is for cat. D is for dew. E is for eating. F is for fishing. G is for . H is for hound. I is for inside. J is for jump. K is for kick. L is for lick. M making things. N nose being cold. O opening a door. P Popping warm popcorn. Q quacking ducks going south. R is for running. S if for sausage. T is for time. U is for under. V is vacation. W is for waiting. X is exciting. Y is for yaks. Z is for zip! oakdtat.gif (2817 bytes)

I will make plans then when I have to do the book report I will know what to write. Then I correct the words and then I will get all the words right. Then probably Mrs. Lawhon will be surprised. Then I will be surprised, too. I will feel like having a party!

by Chloe

I have a book called How do you Know It's Fall? I am going to do a poster and put it on the Internet. It sounds fun! I can't wait until my poster is on the internet, so people can see it.

by Matthew

It's Pumpkin Time! I'm doing a diorama. It's fun to do a book report. My book is about pumpkins. I like to read books. Dioramas are fun.

by B.K.

I am going to write a play about a squirrel named Miss Suzy. I am going to read at the beginning. I will pick the actors. LS as Miss Suzy, AR as the spider, JS, TT, JH, B as squirrels, and KS, MS, AO, PA as soldiers.

by Joseph

(Mrs. Lawhon's note to the readers: we put our initials on EVERYTHING, so Joseph is using standard Room 104 abbreviations!) oakdtat.gif (2817 bytes)

The title of my book is Little Trickster the Squirrel Meets Big Double the Bear. There are lots of animals in the story. In this story the bear doesn't like honey. The author's name is Ken Kesey. I'm going to do a survey.

by Tyler

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My book is called Pumpkin, Pumpkin. I made a list.
1. He planted a seed and it grew.
2. The pumpkin seed grew a sprout.
3. The pumpkin sprout grew a plant.
4. The pumpkin plant grew a pumpkin.
5. The pumpkin grew and grew and grew until Jamie picked it and he carved it.

by Melissa

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My book is called AUTUMN. Animals are gathering food for the winter. I am going to do a survey. I'm going to ask my class if they can be an Autumn animal.

by Konner

survey results: 12 squirrels, 3 wolves, 2 rabbits, 2 bears, l deer oakdtat.gif (2817 bytes)

My book is called How Leaves Change. When it is time for the leaves to change they grow buds. When the bugs grow bigger they are leaves. The buds grow on a branch. When I am done with telling you what I'm doing I'm going to do a poem.

by Carly

"Leaves Fall" by Carly

Most leaves change colors before they fall
They turn brown, orange, and gold
But some don't change at all.

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My book is called Night Glider. I'm going to make some gliders. I'll use colored paper.

by Sarah

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Raccoons Like Corn

a book by Patrick

What are you doing? I want something to eat. I want corn. No we don't eat corn. I can eat corn. Fine. Lets eat. Yum! Let's take some home. OK. So they did. The End.

I made a triptych.

The title is Frog and Toad All Year. The author is Arnold Lobel.
The setting: It happened on a hill.
I liked the part where Toad fell in the snow.

by Taylor

My title of my book is Frog and Toad All Year. I am writing my own story and it is going to be funny but I am going to read it and I'm going to take care of my book and I am not going to take it home at all. But I will take special care of it and it's not my book to keep for a long time and I like the book.

by Amanda

I made a triptych.

Book title: Growing Vegetable Soup
Setting: in the garden
I like the garden. I like the soup. I like the salad.
by Nichole

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